already nominated for six awards, which highlights the extremely high quality of the build, and the depth of thinking that went into the design of this accommodation. Experiencing the wide range of features that have been incorporated in these apartments to keep the tenants safe and comfortable is extremely moving, and highlights high-level understanding of the needs of this group of potential tenants. “We’re more than pleased that our LST radiators have been selected for this impressive development,” explains Stelrad’s Specification manager, David Last. “It’s at times like this that we realise that radiators aren’t just radiators. On occasions, they are vital components of a home design, to provide overall safety and warmth to individuals who need special care.”

Cardiff refurb project

Another illustration of the value of LST radiators can be found in a refurbishment project being undertaken by Wales & West Housing at one of its developments in Cardiff.

Oldwell Court in Roath is divided into two separate parts, the one offering 38 general purpose residential apartments, for older, mainly single, people, and the other leased to the Alzheimer’s Society, and run as a day centre. The building has had a completely new heating system installed, via two separate plant rooms. The residential part of the building has a heating system driven by a cascade of four high-efficiency boilers and a large stored hot water cylinder, while the day centre has a single boiler of its own. The whole of the building is heated by Stelrad Radiators, with a mix of Stelrad’s sector-leading LST i Plus Low Surface Temperature radiators and best-selling Compact range.

The LSTs have been installed in the day centre, where people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia have the opportunity to be social and to participate in activities in a safe environment. It’s a specification requirement of building designers and architects that the heat emitters in these buildings protect the young, the elderly, and the vulnerable, who will live in or visit buildings such as these.

Individual metering requirement Kate Solomon was Wales & West Housing’s Contracts manager for the refurbishment at Oldwell Court, working alongside contractors, Gibson Specialist Technical Services. She said: “It was a much more complex refurbishment than it might at first appear, with the obligations of the Heat Network (Metering and

66 Health Estate Journal February 2021

social housing provider is prepared to make in its extensive portfolio of social and sheltered housing across the region.

Heating both apartments and communal areas

The work in Bala is being undertaken by main contractor, Lovell

Stelrad’s LST i Plus low surface temperature radiator.

Billing) Regulations 2014 requiring individual metering for a communal heating and hot water system. Suffice to say that the selection of the radiators was one of the simpler things for us to do, and we’re very pleased with the selection we made. Low surface temperature radiators were essential for the Alzheimer’s Day Centre, where the safety of the people attending the centre was paramount. The new heating system works very well, and the residents living in the 38 apartments are all happy with the performance of the system and the warmth they get from their new radiators.”

Keeping with the Welsh theme, Stelrad’s LST radiators have found a warm welcome in the Welsh hills; the company has supplied 155 of its low surface temperature radiators to provide safe and controllable heat in a refurbished sheltered apartments scheme – Cysgod y Coleg, in Bala, in the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. This scheme is just part of an overall £136 million refurbishment project being undertaken by housing association, Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd (CCG), and highlights the level of investment that the

Chris Harvey

Chris Harvey is head of Marketing at leading radiator manufacturer, Stelrad. Previously Product manager with the company, he started his career with Ideal Boilers. His role includes managing the company’s growing brand specialists team, and acting as Specification manager for the whole of Ireland. Stelrad claims to manufacture the widest range of models and sizes of radiators in the UK, manufacturing and distributing around two million radiators per year to the UK heating sector. Chris Harvey is part of the organisation and management team that keeps this business operating smoothly, and maintaining an in excess of ‘99% Complete and On Time delivery’ record to merchants across the UK and Ireland.

Partnership, with the help of specialist plumbing and heating installer, Aspect Plumbing & Heating. The selection of the Stelrad LST standard radiators was made by Engineering Design Services in Chester. These high-quality radiators will be the means of sharing heat throughout the 28 apartments over two floors of this scheme, as well as in the residents’ communal areas. The new heating system is driven by the latest condensing boilers, and replaces an elderly and highly inefficient electric heating system that saw a large number of electric storage heaters deployed throughout the premises.

“These LST radiators are simple to fit, and offer quality heat emitters that are controllable and effective in a building such as this,” says Phil Houghton from Aspect Plumbing and Heating. “We have fitted these for many years, and were happy to find that they were specified by the architects for this job.”

“The safety and comfort of our tenants is the key consideration for us,” adds Steve Williams, Contract co-ordinator for CCG. “When looking at the refurbishment of Cysgod y Coleg, it was clear that these low surface temperature radiators were the answer for the apartments, the corridors, and the extensive communal lounge areas within the newly revamped building. The new radiators, combined with the condensing boilers, high levels of insulation, and the new, precise heating controls installed, will see far more effective heating, and a much more cost- effective heating system than the old building had. It’s a major investment, but one that will pay back relatively quickly for us in lower energy bills.”


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