public and private initiatives. She has also taken part in national and international conferences as a lecturer, and is the IFHE representative for Mexico. She is President of the Mexican Society of Architects Specialized in Health (Sociedad Mexicana de Arquitectos Especializados en Salud, A.C.), and CEO of healthcare architects, Grupo Artedi, S. A. de C. V.

Outstanding membership fees Andy Wavell continued: “A number of national organisations have membership fees outstanding, in some cases covering many years, and, despite numerous requests, these remain outstanding. Exco had been looking at options for these Member organisations, and presented these to Council. Organisations were offered the option of transferring to B

Membership as an alternative to leaving IFHE altogether. Exco is also concerned at the number of B, C, and D members who have outstanding fees, and recommended to Council that their membership be cancelled.

“This being the 50th anniversary of the founding of IFHE, Exco felt it was prudent to mark that event. Douwe Kiestra, together with Briseyda Marquez, were asked to provide designs for commemorative pins. Designs were provided for the President, Exco, and Members, attending the Congress. “An area of continued concern is communication with the membership. Earlier in the year a copy of the 2024 Congress bid document was circulated to all, and followed up with a request to vote on the appropriateness of the one bid received. The President was very

concerned at the low response. This yet again shows that the relevant contact details are not provided to the Secretariat, particularly when officers change. “As the IFHE’s Joint General Secretary, and the Commissioning Editor for the IFHE Digest, I reported to Exco that despite early concerns that the pandemic would reduce the number of submissions for the 2021 Digest, the exact opposite occurred, with over 30 submissions being received from eight countries, and many, as one would expect, rising to the COVID-19 challenge. By the time of the Congress, those that asked to receive hard copies will have done so, and the electronic version will have been circulated.” The link to the latter is: 0A1umgt/IFHE-Digest-2021/html/ index.html?origin=reader

Plans well in hand for 2022 Toronto Congress

The Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society (CHES) says that it is proud to have been selected to host the 26th International Federation of Healthcare Engineering (IFHE) Congress in Toronto, Ontario, from 16-21 September 2022. The theme for this Congress is ‘Unleashing Innovation, Healthcare Engineering Excellence’.

Jim McArthur, Chair of the IFHE 22 Congress, said: “After winning the bid in Brisbane in 2018 to host this event, a planning committee was immediately assembled consisting of both Canadian and international IFHE members. The committee has been meeting regularly, and planning is well under way for what

will be a very informative and educational Congress.” The Congress will take place at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel located in Downtown Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario. Other venues and activities include the

internationally famous Hockey Hall of Fame for the Opening Reception, the Liberty Grand Ballroom for the Gala Banquet, several hospital site tours, a golf tournament, and a companion programme tour of Downtown Toronto, Niagara Falls, and the Niagara wine region. “Some of our planning committee

Ultra Clean Air, Anywhere Small, modular, air handling unit

• Client specified • Ultra Clean (UCV) • Postive pressure • Negative pressure • User/BMS control

• Fixed or Mobile • ULPA15 or HEPA14 • EN14644 Part 3 • Low cost • Low running cost


• Rental available • British product • Easily deployed

• Increased hourly air changes between AGP

Tel: 01666 818087 February 2021 Health Estate Journal 27

members travelled to Manchester to promote the event at the IHEEM Healthcare Estates event in October 2019,” explained Jim McArthur. “The group had also planned on travelling to Rome to do the same at the 2020 IFHE Congress. Due to COVID, however, we promoted the Canadian event ‘virtually’ at the rescheduled IFHE

Congress in Rome last month. We look forward to hosting and welcoming many of our IFHE partners and delegates from around the globe to Toronto in September 2022.”

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