Kamila Chalfin, Marketing & Brand Manager for Tile Giant, discusses the increasing popularity for garden scaping with outdoor stone.

Gardens have enjoyed a renaissance this past year. With consumers staying at home rather than holidaying abroad, the trend for investing within our gardens has become stronger than ever, as homeowners create personal spaces where they can relax and entertain away from the rest of the house. The personal savings households have made have been reinvested within the property, especially gardens and patios, with sales of outdoor tiles continuing to increase as consumers turn to more premium alternatives to transform their outdoor space.

Tiled patios extending from open-plan kitchens are rivalling traditional decking, with many consumers favouring a more hardwearing option that doesn’t require as much upkeep as real timber. For a soft, warm, organic look outside, you simply can’t beat the aesthetics of natural stone.

A truly authentic material for the great outdoors, materials such as limestone and travertine bring quality and style to patios for a premium look that can be styled to suit each property. With so many colours and finishes now available, homeowners can reflect their interior style outdoors, choosing from warm, natural beige shades through to cool, contemporary greys.

The beauty of natural stone is in its imperfections- something which is difficult to replicate in manmade copies. Tumbled edges, undulating surfaces and unique patterns within the stone give a level of detail and finish that is hard to beat. These imperfections and bespoke attributes add to the character of natural stone, with no two tiles ever the same, creating surface coverings with increased levels of visual interest and charm. Uniformity is out, with variation in.

Limestone is the most popular material for outdoors, as it’s not only stunning but also highly durable. Look after it well and it will last a lifetime. All natural stone needs some element of sealing and treating to provide added protection but, with limestone being such a natural material, it is low maintenance, making it a more practical choice to use outdoors.

When it comes to the latest design trends, warmer shades are very much in demand and are making their mark outdoors. Soft, warm beige tones reminiscent of faraway destinations create an inviting, relaxing space and also give greater perspective and a sense of more square footage, with the lighter tones reflecting more light. These warmer beige shades are proving to be a versatile option as they can blend with a wide range of property styles, from rustic farmhouses through to modern new- builds. Dark, cool grey tones are also in demand, but have become slightly more niche, chosen for their more raw, urban qualities to complement contemporary, industrial style spaces.

— 22 — Ambleside Bronze Tumbled Limestone 400x900mm

Amplifying the trend for variation is size format and tile layouts, there’s a movement towards mixing and matching sizes within natural stone to create a more individual design outdoors.

With the warmer weather in sight, now is the time to be maximising sales of outdoor tiles. As the temperature hots up, homeowners will be moving into the gardens to spend more time with family and friends, with limestone tiles ready to create a patio feature worth talking about.

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