COLLECTION In response to consumer trends, tile distributor Verona has relaunched its Al Fresco tile collection – delivering a comprehensive selection of indoor and outdoor porcelain tiles that will transform any living space.

With lockdown making an impact on our daily lives, living spaces have had to evolve becoming a place where we live, eat, work and relax. Over the past 12 months, consumers have invested in their outdoor spaces with gardens becoming an extension of the home and an extra living space, somewhere to escape to enjoy some personal time and retreat from the everyday stress of normal life.

Garden scaping has become a big trend with consumers getting increasingly creative with their outdoor spaces, creating walled gardens, raised patios, and outdoor seating areas leading to a huge demand in style-led accessories that transform and complement outdoor living areas.

Influenced by the popularity of natural materials and the trend for contemporary garden living, the new Al Fresco collection caters for all consumer tastes offering a variety of both dramatic and subtle textured tiles, all inspired by the great outdoors.

Made from premium porcelain, these new designs are perfectly suited to homeowners who want to extend their interior style to the outdoors, seamlessly stretching from the kitchen through to the patio with a mix of 20mm thick premium porcelain for outdoor and a selection of co-ordinating indoor tiles.

Offering 10 timeless ranges, each with its own unique design style and colour palette, the new collection also includes two new patterned tiles for the more trend-led customer who wants to make a statement. The Al Fresco collection also comes in a range of sizes and formats offering maximum design possibilities.

Exbury: A stylish natural stone- effect with texture and movement in spades. Available in Beige and Grey in 60x60x1cm, 60x60x2cm and 60x90x2cm formats.

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Harewood: A timber-effect with understated graining for a luxurious look. Available in Grey and Oak in elongated plank formats, 19.5x120x1.1cm and 30x120x2cm.

Harlow: With a lightly textured surface, the gentle mottling detail enhances the realistic stone nature of these tiles. Ideal for creating a rustic, untreated look. Available in Beige and Grey in 60x60x2cm and 60x90x2cm formats.

Sherborne: A jet black stone-effect tile, ideal for creating borders and section breaks. Available in 60x60x2cm format.

Welford: Featuring a smooth surface with a diffused design for visual intrigue. As well as plain shades, Welford Geometric offers a popular graphic pattern in coordinating Anthracite and Grey shades for added personality. Available in Anthracite, Grey and Ivory in 60x60x1cm and 60x60x2cm formats and Anthracite Geometric and Grey Geometric in 60x60x2cm.

Abbey Black: A bold contrast in colour and texture puts all the attention on the floor. Natural and black tones are blended together to replicate the look of natural slate. Available in 60x60x2cm format.

Newby Grey: Featuring a varied blend of soft grey and natural shades, this stone-effect tile delivers maximum rustic effect, with 15 faces offering a selection of colours and textures. Available in 60x60x2cm format.

Adlington White: A natural stone- effect in a white and light natural colourway for a bright and fresh look. Available in 60x60x2cm format.

Chatsworth: A smooth concrete- effect with very subtle texture. Available in Light Grey, Dark Grey and Ivory in 60x60x2cm and 60x90x2cm formats. (coming soon)

Rosemoor: A three-dimensional delight, Rosemoor combines beautiful and natural pattern with realistic stone-style veining in a soft feminine colour palette. Available in Grey and Sand in a 60x90x2cm size. (coming soon)

To support the Al Fresco relaunch, Verona has heavily invested in new lifestyle photography, a consumer brochure, how-to videos, digital marketing and an updated display stand for retailers to promote the Al Fresco range. Please contact your area sales manager for details.

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