VIEW DISPENSERS It’s no secret that good handwashing plays a critical role in infection prevention and thus the spread of illness; hands can transmit up to 80% of all germs.

With much of the population preparing to return to the workplace, it is important for facility managers consider how better hand hygiene can be promoted. The availability of good quality washroom facilities is a key factor, and within the washroom the quality of the soap and dispenser can have a major impact on handwashing compliance as well as assuring a clean, safe environment for washroom users.

Launched alongside SC Johnson Professional’s fresh innovative washroom foam soap range, the Quick-View Dispenser presents a variety of considerable benefits for washroom users as well as cleaning professionals.

The innovative new Quick-View design has transparent sides which allow for full and accurate soap visibility from any angle or distance, both encouraging end-users to wash their hands as they can see where soap is available as well as saving time and maintenance costs. Guaranteed for life, the dispensers eliminate the need to open and check if a cartridge change is required each time, making them quick and easy to refill.

Bulk fill vs sealed cartridges

In contrast to the often-messy re-filling procedure of bulk dispensers, sealed cartridges are quick and easy to change. Sealed cartridge dispensers require minimal cleaning TOMORROW’S FM | 21

and spills are no longer an issue. In addition to this, bulk fill dispensers often deliver the same dosage regardless of the product they are filled with, which means they may not be delivering the optimum amount each time –sealed cartridge dispensers are designed to do exactly that, making them a more economical option. Furthermore, for end users, bulk dispensers can be inconvenient if soap levels cannot be accurately viewed, thus reflecting on the overall washroom experience.

Sealed cartridges also present significant hygiene benefits to washrooms. With sealed dispenser systems, there is no contact between the product and the surrounding environment before the product is used to wash hands, thus the risk of contamination is reduced to a minimum.

It has also been proven that bulk-fill dispensers can be contaminated; as they are not sealed, this means that they are potentially vulnerable to contamination with germs from the surrounding environment.

The widely applied practice of ‘topping up’ dispensers – refilling them before they have been completely emptied out and fully cleaned – means that the old soap in the reservoir, which may have been contaminated by germs, can thus contaminate the fresh soap added.

Even where the equipment is cleaned frequently, sometimes using very strong products such as bleach, researchers identified a high risk of recontamination, due to biofilms – microorganisms that stick together and adhere to surfaces.

Washroom foam soap starter packs

As part of the new washroom range, SC Johnson Professional are bringing users a unique starter pack to help easily and quickly refresh their washroom. Available in either our signature fragrance Azure Foam soap or our Antibac Foam Soap, each starter pack contains a one-litre Quick-view Dispenser and tow hygienic cartridges of foam soap. With over 2850 hand washes per pack, they are a convenient way to upgrade and rejuvenate washroom spaces.

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