LIGHTING TOWER British designer and manufacturer of LED lighting, Ritelite Systems, has launched its latest mobile floodlight for industrial environments.

The K45 360° Mobile LED Area Light can effectively and efficiently deploy lighting around any worksite and event. With 85,000 lumens of bright white light at only 600W power consumption, the K45 offers both directional or 360° light head deployment to cover all temporary industrial lighting requirements.

The light, which can reach a height of 4.5 metres, can be erected quickly by just one person with its simple and safe deployment system. Designed as a true alternative to towed lighting towers the K45 is compact enough to fit multiple units in the back of a car and easy to store on site. Accessories include a battery pack option and rough terrain wheel kit.

With health and safety becoming increasingly important in the work of a facility manager, the K45 has a safety interlock system that requires all four legs to be deployed and secured before the mast is raised. The design is intuitive and user friendly.

Marcus Batty, Managing Director at Ritelite (Systems) Ltd said: “The K45 360° Area Light has been designed to combine the latest in LED technology with advances in operator safety

strategic public areas at the eight sites, to provide security – especially at night – for staff and patients, without intruding on the privacy of consulting rooms or wards.

He said: “To secure the contract we had to show that Secom was registered with Contructionline and thus able to comply with Government construction criteria. We also had to prove our platinum Approved Installer status for Milestone video management software (VMS).


SOLUTION FOR NHS TRUST Intensive but not intrusive – that sums up the requirement for an IPCCTV system to serve a community hospital and seven minor injury units (MIUs) in a south of England NHS Foundation Trust.

Experience and capability enabled Secom plc to win the competitive tender for the tightly specified project.

Mal Fairless of Secom’s Major Projects Team, said the Trust wanted a system for 24/7 surveillance of


“In addition competitive pricing, the installation engineers had to be our own employees, not subcontractors.

“To satisfy this requirement, we drew on our High Security Services team, which consists of engineers who are not only well-qualified, but also have security clearances recognised by the banking sector.”

The Secom team installed multiple HD IP cameras at each site – with some camera positions presenting challenging above-ceiling cable runs. In addition, Secom had to observe strict fire-stopping requirements

systems to give a unique, intuitive, user friendly and safe lighting tower to cover all site lighting requirements.”

With 30 years of designing and manufacturing lighting solutions, Ritelite has an in-depth knowledge of LED technology that gives it full control over the design process and ensures it achieves maximum efficiency and output from its products. k45

where cables passed through fire compartment bulkheads.

Each site has local monitoring – typically a screen at the reception desk – driven by the VMS. This simply enables staff to watch live footage from one or more cameras.

Secom provided training for relevant staff at all sites. Feeds from all cameras are transmitted over the internet – subject to the strict NHS protocols ¬ – to the Trust’s central security department where they are stored on a Milestone recorder.

Mal said: “The Trust’s security manager has full control of the recorded images. Requests to view – by police, for example – have to be agreed by the security manager. This ensures that imagery is subject to the same high standards of confidentiality as patients’ medical records.”

The VMS for this application is from Milestone’s XProtect portfolio of solutions ranging from single store coverage to surveillance over substantial geographic areas.

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