The Jangro membership sites were randomly audited to check what percentage of products stocked, from their accredited schemes for Refuse Sacks, Soft Tissue and Cotton Mops, comply with their standards. In each category, the percentage of products offered by Jangro was close to 100% and was above the overall average of all CHSA Accredited Distributors. The report shows the following scores were achieved:

• Soft Tissue: 99.7% (98.6% overall) • Cotton Mops: 100% (99.9% overall)


Jangro, the UK and Ireland’s largest network of independent janitorial suppliers, has scored 99.7% in the latest UK Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association’s (CHSA) independent audit.


UTILITY INDUSTRY AWARD Lanes Group plc has won a prestigious Utility Week Award for its wellbeing programme that combines digital app technology and practical help for colleagues in need.

The company, an independent drainage and wastewater maintenance specialist, won the Health and Safety Award in the national industry awards at a ceremony held on 10th December in London.

Lanes was also a finalist for the Utility Partner of the Year Award and received a ‘Special Mention’ from judges for ‘outstanding development of partnership’.

Judges were impressed with the Wellbeing App and Practitioner Programme which allows workforce happiness to be monitored via a wellbeing app and for professional support to be provided to colleagues if it is asked for.

Lanes has developed the initiative 10 | TOMORROW’S FM

As one of the first distributors to be accredited by the CHSA Accredited Distributors Scheme, Jangro is committed to raising the bar for quality and reliability in the industry.

Purchasing from an Accredited CHSA member, like Jangro, guarantees transparency, and the assurance that every customer gets the exact quantity and quality of Soft Tissue, Cotton Mops or Plastic Refuse Sacks that they pay for.

to support its work as the sole wastewater network services maintenance partner for Thames Water.

Andy Brierley, Lanes Group Technical Director, said: “Winning this Utility Week Award reflects the hard work done by our amazing team to drive health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace every single day.

“We work as a team and care passionately about the wellbeing of every colleague. A happy workforce delivers safer and better service, which is better for us, for Thames Water and for its 15 million customers.

The wellbeing app asked field workers how they feel every time they start a shift. If they click buttons stating they are unhappy or very unhappy, they are offered confidential support from a professional wellbeing and mental health practitioner. Office-based staff can access the same support.

Since the initiative was launched, scores of colleagues have been helped with a range of problems, including relationship breakdowns,

• Plastic Refuse Sacks: 99.4% (92% overall)

Joanne Gilliard, CEO of Jangro, commented: “We are thrilled with the results from the latest CHSA independent audit. This is an important process that offers Jangro customers confidence that our high standards are being consistently maintained, and which clearly demonstrates the benefits of partnering with a CHSA accredited distributor.”

personal debt, and depression.

Most of the issues have not been work related, but the initiative has contributed to a significant increase in workforce happiness and a 57% reduction in recruitment churn, saving £1m a year in training and recruitment costs.

Insights from programme have informed development of additional training to enhance people management skills at all levels in the organisation and an innovative careers structure called Pathway to Success.

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