Keeping kitchens clean Brightwell Dispensers help to improve kitchen hygiene with dispensing systems.

dishwasher detergent and rinse aid, taking out the guesswork by operators, and minimising contact with chemicals. Dishwash dosing systems eliminate poor washing standards from individuals manually washing up and ensure the highest results, each time.

The Quantura dishwash dosing systems from Brightwell Dispensers, for example, offers businesses reliable and efficient dispensing solutions. The Quantura range offers versatile systems that provide precise and consistent dosing solutions for a variety of commercial dishwasher applications.

Accurate concentration

Using the right cleaning chemicals is crucial in reducing the spread of harmful germs. Often

As people gradually return to normality following the easing of the COVID-19 lockdown, they’ve been returning to eating out in restaurants. Before the pandemic, customers were expecting a high level of cleanliness and hygiene when they dined out, and this is now even higher.

Finding dirty glassware, crockery and cutlery doesn’t leave a good impression and can indicate insufficient levels of hygiene and cleaning in the kitchen, resulting in dissatisfied customers, complaints, and potential loss of business.

For commercial kitchens it’s important to invest in the right procedures and equipment to maintain high hygiene and cleaning standards. To ensure this, the equipment needs to work to the same high standard, every day. With this in mind, using the right equipment is essential.

A vital role

Our hands can spread many germs, so the first thing to do to prevent the spread is by keeping hands clean and practising the highest forms of hand hygiene. Handwashing prevents the spread of germs from your hands to work surfaces, equipment and food. Germs can also spread if your hands are damp, as they become a breeding ground for bacteria. Using equipment such as soap and paper hand towel dispensers provides a quick and efficient way to prevent this.

Touch-free products are popular, as they eliminate common contact points where germs can be transferred. Brightwell Dispensers’ new Modular C3 touch-free dispenser is a touch-free dispenser, ideal for dispensing not only liquid soap but also hand sanitiser.

Dishwashing dosing solutions

Clean plates and cutlery are vital to prevent the spread of germs, and they help to increase hygiene standards. Dishwash dosing systems ensure optimal dishwashing performance as they consistently and accurately dose


desired results aren’t reached due to inaccuracy whilst manually measuring the amount of concentrated chemical. Chemical dilution systems were designed to solve this problem, by dosing the correct and required amount, each time. This removes human error, as employees are no longer required to handle chemicals to prepare the cleaning solution.

It also protects the users, as they are not in direct contact with the concentrated chemicals. Having the correct amount of cleaning chemical dispensed each time removes the need for re-cleaning to get the desired results, often not achieved by manually preparing the cleaning solution.

Eliminating the need to re-clean areas means there’s less chemical waste and you only end up using what’s needed. Dilution systems enable you to buy concentrated chemicals and help reduce packaging and transportation costs. This also means you’ll be reducing your company’s plastic waste, making it the greener solution.

For businesses who use a variety of concentrated chemicals, the ECOMULTI from Brightwell Dispensers is ideal. ECOMULTI is a one-stop cleaning station, allowing users to dilute and dispense all their concentrated chemicals from one unit. It dispenses up to five different cleaning chemicals from one system, making it easy to use and manage. At the push of a button, your cleaning solution is ready to use.

Clean commercial kitchens ensure high hygiene and cleaning standards, helping to turn happy customers into loyal customers. Dirty kitchens can have a significant impact on people’s wellbeing and a business’ finances. However, there are dispensing systems that can help ensure you maintain high hygiene standards, every day.

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