MeasureSquare Planning and Estimation Software releases new collaboration tools for – all linked to soph


MeasureSquare Technology is a perfect solution for all flooring businesses whether commercial or resdential. MeasureSquare offers a complete suite of measure estimating software solutions for various trades including flooring, tiling and granite/stone. The bottom line is that MeasureSquare provides lower costs, automation of processes, higher accuracy rates and improved sales.

MeasureSquare is recognised as the world’s number- one planning and estimation tool for flooring businesses conducting commercial and residential flooring sales and installation. Designed specifically for the flooring industry, and now with two new modules that have been designed to add sophistication and simplicity for managing tracking and reporting on moisture testing and project completion rates.

The first new addition, Job Trakr is integrated with MeasureSquare Commercial and mobile editions creating a seamless transition of critical information between project and installation teams. Also new, PropertyLink provides next-level product and service selection processes designed for building companies, property management companies, flooring contractors, real estate rental role managers, and insurance companies. In a world that is changing every few weeks, PropertyLink provides stability and a simple process to communicate and collaborate with customers, and other businesses.

JOB TRAKA Get paid faster with automated jobsite reports

Leveraging MeasureSquare’s estimate data and floorplan take-offs, Job Traka is a collaboration tool for field production tracking and reporting.

● Track jobsite productivity and accountability timely and accurately.

● Avoid costly budget and schedule over-run. ● Get paid faster with a professional completion report.

Resolve jobsite issues faster through collaboration among PMs, field reps and subcontractors

● Issue report and task assignments with site photo.

● Shared jobsite plan, product take-off data, and completion status views.

Incentivise installer productivity with tracked daily completion quantity

● Job report supported with diagrams and photos ● Facilitate administrative and payroll audit.

Run moisture testing and report correctly to eliminate liabilities

● Professional tracking and report that saves hours of time.

● Integrated with Bluetooth reading transfer to avoid human errors.


Web services API to integrate with existing ERP/CRM system

● Streamline your workflow through data integration API. ● Compatible with MeasureSquare database.


PropertyLink is a new remote service solution creating a new way to think about how to provide product and service selections for:

● Flooring businesses, large and small.

● Rental properties when it's time to replace flooring or wall products.

● Social housing departments remote tenant product selection for flooring and wall-based products.

● Builders providing client selection services associated with floor, wall and cabinetry selections.

● Insurance companies providing product selection services for floor and wall-based products.

Never has there been a more pressing time for a new way to interact with customers and conduct business with state-of- the-art solutions designed to reduce contact, reduce cost, and enable remote connection, without compromising on service levels.

PropertyLink connects your customers via any web browser on any device, to a digital floor and wall plan of their home, business, or commercial space. Every digital plan is produced on the number-one planning and estimation software, MeasureSquare – well known across the globe for its ease of use accuracy, speed, and sophistication.

Every digital floorplan can be linked to a catalogue of flooring and wall products, enabling customers, site managers or real estate rental roll managers to select their desired products. These can then be specified for each room within

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