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ICELAND INVISTA Antron carpet fibre has revealed a key commercial interior trend for 2018 with a reference book dedicated to the culture, communities and landscapes of Iceland.

‘Inspiration 2018’ features striking reference photography from a broad spectrum of Icelandic subjects, including nature, architecture, colours, light and street art; touching on core themes that are set to shape commercial interiors in the year ahead.

The book covers diverse topics; detailing the vibrant reds found on the roofs and facades of traditional homes and the colour’s contrast to the rich greens of the landscape, to the coveted hand-crafts that form the mainstay of the country’s fashion and interiors. Revealing Iceland as a wonderful resource for inspiration, INVISTA Antron carpet fibre has achieved a unique insight.


ACCLAIM SINCE LAUNCH The Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets collection was launched at a glittering event at London’s The Soho Hotel, named the ‘World’s Most Glamorous Hotel’ by Tatler magazine. Since then the range has enjoyed widespread acclaim, grabbing the attention of leading luxury consumer lifestyle publications and notable influencers from across the interiors industry.

Created by Kit Kemp, design director of Firmdale Hotels PLC and well-known author and art collector, the made-to- order collection features nine exquisite patterns drawing from influences as diverse as folklore, botany and architecture. Kit worked with the Wilton Carpets design team to create a stand-out collection for hospitality environments that is unique and individual. Using traditional axminster or wilton weaves, or incorporating the added texture of a Brussels weave, the collection delivers the finest British wool-rich qualities in bespoke size wall-to-wall carpet and area rugs.

Stephan Hanke, INVISTA Antron carpet fibre, commented: “With ‘Inspiration 2018’, we have explored the stunning landscapes and distinctive culture of Iceland, a country that’s incredibly rich and layered and with a complex relationship with its harsh and isolated environment.

“Living at the extremes of climate and at times quite inaccessible, Icelandic communities must look towards the resources of their environment and traditional crafts to prosper. In modern times, as we see a return to global uncertainty, this appeals to our desire to retreat and surround ourselves


“The designs in the Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets collection truly are extraordinary and we’ve pushed the limits of our design and manufacturing expertise to faithfully interpret the sophisticated, subtle elements of Kit’s original creations,”

with the familiar and trusted. For this reason, we are expecting that Icelandic influences will filter into commercial interiors as wellbeing and comfort become increasingly important.”

Antron carpet fibre is at the heart of many design-orientated commercial carpets, its performance letting designers explore new creative concepts

explained Damian Roscoe, Head of Creative for Wilton Carpets. “In fact, patterns such as Batik were only possible because of the detail achievable with our robotic Axminster loom; the country’s most advanced. The collection was a joy to develop and shows just what can be achieved when two creative forces collaborate.”

Presented in a luxurious hardback book, the Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets collection has made the difficult transition between a carpet created for hospitality and leisure spaces to one equally at ease in luxury homes. Recognised for this by leading interior journalists, it demonstrates that when good design and carpet craft combine, the results deserve attention. In fact, the Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets collection has already been recognised by English Home magazine in its prestigious ‘New Year Honours’ special edition.

Designs from Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets can now be seen in corridors and rooms at The Soho Hotel. From the stunning Batik used as runner in the reception and By Way as an area rug in the library, to the flexibility of Tweed Fleck demonstrated in one of the impressive Terrace Suites; the carpets reflect the richness of pattern and understanding of colour that is signature Kit Kemp.

without sacrificing durability, appearance retention and ease of maintenance. With over 200 colours available in solution- dyed polyamide with Antron Lumena carpet fibre, as well as numerous lustres and deniers in dye-ready yarns, INVISTA Antron carpet fibre is at the forefront of modern carpet innovation.

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