INCREASES OUTLETS Carpet Recycling UK is expanding its geographical coverage of the UK, offering the flooring sector more options for reuse and recycling of carpet and carpet tile waste, especially in Scotland.

The not-for-profit membership association says the addition of a facility near Edinburgh will provide beneficial sustainable treatment and disposal routes for carpet waste for flooring companies north of the border. A second outlet is also in development in Scotland.

Carpet Recycling UK is in the process of developing a new outlet in the north-east for treatment of post-consumer carpet waste and carpets from the automotive sector as well as in Merseyside for carpet tile reuse and recycling.

Creating further landfill diversion solutions for carpet waste reinforces Carpet Recycling UK as the only ‘go- to’ body for organisations that want to drive forward sustainability and circular economy principles in the carpet/ flooring sector.

CRUK currently has more than 110 members and its core funders are Cormar Carpets, Lifestyle Floors/ Headlam, Brintons Carpets, DESSO, ege Carpets, Milliken, and Balsan.

Speaking after the Harrogate Flooring Show, CRUK Manager Adnan Zeb- Khan said: “Expanding our carpet waste recycling and reuse facilities across the UK is great news for sustainability in the flooring sector. It offers flooring contractors, retailers and manufacturers more local solutions to divert material otherwise destined for landfill, thereby encouraging its reuse

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as a sustainable resource and recycling where possible.

“Enquiries received at the show were very encouraging, including interest from another retail buying group. Three buying groups are currently members and the more we work with them, the better we can help retailers to recover carpet waste for recycling and to potentially save money on their waste costs.”

Non-woven membership is also growing with West Yorkshire-based John Cotton Group joining existing CRUK members Anglo Recycling Technology and Edward Clay & Son. All three companies process post-manufacture carpet fitting waste for use in new goods.

Welcoming greater non-woven sector representation, Adnan continued: “We’re building strong links with textile manufacturers who recognise the benefit of using clean post-manufacture fibres in new products. Contractors and

manufacturers with post-manufacture polypropylene (PP) fitting waste can call us for more information.”

Sustainable carpet design and a ‘sale, lease and take back’ concept that can help to ‘close the loop’ for carpet were further topics promoted by CRUK at the show. Products and literature detailing Betap’s Next-Gen carpet range were displayed on CRUK’s stand alongside information from other members. Carpet Recycling UK thanks its members Cormar Carpets, Betap and Kenburn for their support at the show.

While the industry has made great progress voluntarily over the past decade, Adnan added: “Our renewed focus on supporting members can help them to achieve even more in terms of sustainability, while benefiting from savings on their waste disposal costs.”

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