F. Ball products have been used to install a first-class floor at the University of Glasgow Library.

A floor preparation system from F. Ball and Co. Ltd. has been used to install 2,700m2

of floorcoverings as part of

a renovation project at the University of Glasgow Library. Contractors from A&H Flooring installed a variety of floorcoverings over both plywood and concrete subfloors in the ground floor entranceway and the downstairs breakout area of the library.

Working on individual sections of the library at a time and using fast-track products meant that floorcoverings could be installed quickly and the building could remain in use throughout. The fast-track system comprised Stopgap F77 waterproof surface membrane, Stopgap 1200 Pro high- performance levelling compound and Styccobond F46 pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive.

Firstly, the contractor removed old linoleum floorcoverings from the concrete subfloors in both the entranceway and downstairs area of the library. Following a moisture test, it was discovered that a 200m2

section of concrete subfloor

had a relative humidity (RH) of 92%. It is essential to ensure subfloors are dry enough (<75%RH) to receive floorcoverings. Where relative humidity levels are greater than 75%, the application of a waterproof surface membrane is required to prevent floor failure.

Over this area, the contractor applied Stopgap F77 high- performance waterproof surface membrane. Stopgap F77 impedes the passage of construction moisture and rising damp up to 98% RH with a single coat application. It is fully cured after three hours at 20°C, so it is ideal for when flooring needs to be installed as quickly as possible.

On the concrete sections of the subfloor in both the entranceway and lower level of the university library, Stopgap 1200 Pro high-performance levelling compound was applied. Stopgap 1200 Pro is a two-component levelling compound developed for use over old adhesive residues, without the need for priming. It is low-odour, self-smoothing and fast- drying. Applied at a thickness of 2-5mm, the compound is dry enough to receive floorcoverings from as little as four hours.


Adjacent to the entrance of the library, a ramp constructed from plywood led to another area of the building. The contractor applied an F. Ball primer over this section before applying Stopgap 700 Superflex fibre-reinforced levelling compound to create a smooth surface ready to receive floorcoverings. Stopgap 700 is a fast-drying, fibre-reinforced, self-levelling levelling compound designed especially for use on flexible subfloors, such as plywood and steel, prior to the installation of new floorcoverings.

Contractors then installed multiple floorcoverings onto the prepared subfloors. Styccobond F46 pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive was selected to install wood-effect vinyl sheets on approximately half of the area in the entranceway, including the raised plywood ramp near to the entrance. Styccobond F46 was also used to install vinyl safety flooring on the area directly in front of the entrance’s sliding glass doors. Styccobond F46 is a solvent-free, pressure sensitive adhesive that provides strong initial tack and high bond strength. It will also reduce the incidence of trowel serrations showing through thin vinyl floorcoverings when rolled with a paint roller.

F. Ball’s Styccobond F41 carpet tile tackifier was used to install luxury grey Milliken carpet tiles on the other half of the entranceway area and on the entire lower floor. Styccobond F41 dries to create a permanently tacky film that prevents ‘loose-lay’ carpet tiles from moving, but allows individual tiles to be lifted and replaced easily when worn or damaged; ideal for high-traffic areas like the library entranceway.

Roy Henderson, of A&H Flooring in Glasgow, said: “This was a tricky project because the building is always in use and other tradespeople required access to the site, but F. Ball’s products meant we could do areas separately and quickly; minimising disruption at the university. I’ve used F. Ball products from the start of my career - they’re dependable and they do what they say on the tin.”

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