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FLOORWISE TOOLS If you’re looking to splash-out on some new tools this Christmas, as a little work-related treat, then pop down to your local floorwise trade counter and pick-up your copy of the supplier’s latest Flooring Tools brochure.

Packed with products, there’s no better place to find that tool you’ve had your eye on for ages. Whether a power- stretcher to make it easier to fit deep- pile luxury carpets and thick underlay, or guillotines and door trimmers to speed up those wood and laminate jobs, the Flooring Tools brochure has it all.

Even something so simple as a new knife can make a difference to your daily job and with the Dolphin Knife 2000 offering a quick-release mechanism for faster blade replacement, floorwise


OF MATRIX 70 Matrix 70 is IVC’s innovative loose-lay vinyl planks and tiles concept that brings easy fitting, simple removal and a host of everyday performance advantages.

Using the manufacturer’s expertise in vinyl floor production, Matrix blends the best of LVT and heterogeneous vinyl technologies for a loose-lay floor that delivers impressive benefits in any commercial environment. Ideal for refurbishment, due to the minimal downtime required and adhesive-free installation, Matrix 70’s 5mm height blends seamlessly to carpet tiles, eliminating unsightly transition strips for a cleaner aesthetic and making it easy to repurpose spaces and change layouts.

Matrix 70 comes with a 0.70mm wear layer, ensuring it delivers Class 34 Very Heavy Commercial levels of wear-resistance for high-traffic locations. Alongside IVC’s proprietary Hyperguard PUR for a surface that’s easy to clean under normal regimes and more resistant to marks, it’s a


has just the thing. Along with shears, carpet cutters, heat- seaming tools, vinyl cutters, PPE, clothing, tack hammers, nails, tacks and screws, the Flooring Tools brochure features everything you need to tackle your daily job.

“Even if your old tool has a little life left in it, buying a new tool that makes a job easier is a great way to treat yourself and boost your productivity,” says Richard Bailey, managing director, floorwise. “We’ve worked with the world’s best tools manufacturers to put together the Flooring Tools brochure and it only features the highest quality products, giving the reliability and performance you need in every page.”

With trade counters across the UK and Ireland, the Flooring Tools brochure is now available from your local floorwise stockist, so why not treat yourself to a shiny new tool this Christmas and make installations in 2020 just that little bit easier.

fearsome combination that is well- suited to almost any commercial location. Stabilising glass fibre layers and a unique anti-skid backing keep the planks or tiles locked tight, so that Matrix 70 can be used with confidence, even under light wheeled traffic such as trolleys.

David Bigland, managing director, IVC Group UK said: “Matrix 70 demonstrates how we can combine technologies to produce new and unique solutions that can solve the challenges faced in today’s commercial environments. Our R&D team has worked to blend the plank and tile

concept of LVT together with the ease of loose-lay vinyl sheet flooring to create a product that stands in a category of its own.

“Bringing the sophisticated aesthetics loved in commercial office and retail with the functionality demanded by intense-use locations, Matrix 70’s appeal is not just in its easy installation and uplift, but in its everyday performance and authentic looks. It is a product that demonstrates the attention that we place in developing unique flooring solutions to overcome a myriad of challenges.

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