Here, Danielle Cooke, Business Manager - COBA Flooring, discusses how companies can make a positive first impression by getting creative with their entrance matting.

There are some stunning reception areas and entrance foyers in buildings all around the world, that have some exceptional design features. The architects and interior designers involved in such projects are to be commended.

But, with any project, there are usually compromises to be made especially when they start to run over budget, or timescales for contractors become tight. Installation of entrance matting is usually the last task, and one that can come right at the bottom of the pile when it comes to ‘thinking creatively’.

And, that’s a shame because it is possible to create some stunning designs with entrance matting, while retaining all the practical and functional benefits. Adding a touch of the ‘wow factor’ to entrance matting can make a powerful statement to customers, which can work wonders for brand loyalty and commercial success. Here are just a few considerations:

GET COLOURFUL Let us start by getting adventurous with colour. While entrance matting is commonly seen in the traditional safe shades of grey, black or possibly brown, these are certainly not the only options offered by manufacturers.

There is a myriad of colours available, especially when specifying custom-made entrance matting. From subtle tones that flawlessly complement interior carpets and floorcoverings, to vibrant fashionable colours that make a statement, the choice is extensive. This doesn’t have to be restricted to one colour either. Consider using multiple tones or contrasting colours. The finished effect can be stunning and really brighten up front-of-house environments, while still being functional in trapping dirt and wiping moisture from footwear.

Entrance zones can be clearly depicted through colour too, and this can even be achieved on a budget with loose lay floor mats, or otherwise through custom-manufactured solutions.

The trend for colour is certainly growing. It’s one of the reasons why we, as a manufacturer, introduced a host of new colour options to some of our best-selling entrance matting collections. It opens so many more opportunities for creative installations.

BE INDIVIDUAL Personalisation can also be very effective in the form of bespoke manufactured logo mats. They effectively start the ‘brand experience’ at the front entrance and the theme can be followed throughout a building for maximum impact.

It is possible to incorporate patterns, slogans and creative designs in some logo mats, and some companies will support customers by offering a design service. While looking very eye- catching, personalised logo mats can effectively enhance brand recognition, playing a promotional role. Rather like ‘couture for the floor’, their individuality can make a lasting impression.

For those new to logo mats, a word of advice is to check out all the options available because there are different manufacturing methods from printing, to inlaid techniques


where individual components of a logo or pattern are precision cut and integrated into a matting product.

THINK TEXTURE Interior designers regularly talk about the use of different textures in a room. The same can apply to entrance matting and the creative use of carpet insert materials can have both aesthetic and practical benefits.

Alternating carpet inserts in an entrance matting system, for example, can create a striking appearance and can also help the product to ‘multi-task’ when it comes to scraping and drying performance. More abrasive fibres or rubber strips can be used to scrape footwear, while softer materials such as nylon, can be effective in wiping moisture.

BE IMAGINATIVE Entrance mats can come in the form of tiles. Some allow for flexibility in the way they are installed which means they can be laid in uniform straight rows or at an angle in parquet fashion. Combine this with alternating colours, or even shades of grey or charcoal, for a very stylish chequered finish that takes traditional carpet tiles to a new creative level.

So, let the creative juices flow and join us in making entrance matting exciting in 2020.

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