ENGINEERED UNDERLAY Designer Contracts, the UK’s largest flooring contractor, has launched a brand- new, sustainable underlay made from recycled plastic bottles.

An eco-friendly alternative to PU foam, felt and rubber underlay, SpringBond is manufactured in the UK and made from 85% recycled fibres. Designer Contracts worked closely with the manufacturers to exclusively develop the underlay product for the newbuild market. It is available in 7mm and 9mm thicknesses and is fully recyclable at the end of its life.

Designer Contracts md, Peter Kelsey said: “We are excited by this brand-new product, which demonstrates our passion and commitment to the environment, and we feel that homeowners will be just as enthusiastic. Interestingly, if the average three-bedroom household used it throughout their property, they would divert the equivalent of 1,000 500ml PET plastic bottles from landfill!

“It offers users a number of benefits, it is lightweight, dust free, and also has excellent thermal and acoustic properties,


PROGRAMME Eliminating telegraphing through a rigid composite core integrated with flexible layers, Quick-Step Rigid Vinyl upholds LVT’s many benefits, while eliminating one of the product’s primary downfalls. With a soft feel, low indentation, high impact resistance, quiet underfoot and lightweight; Quick-Step Rigid Vinyl represents a ground-breaking new flooring solution.

Introducing correct installation of Rigid Vinyl into the Luxury Vinyl and Laminate Master Installer courses, sees the Academy for Excellence in Flooring provide the very latest skillset to fitting professionals attending the course.

Lee Thompson, technical manager, Academy for Excellence in Flooring, said: “One of the major advantages of the Master Installer accreditation is the ability to provide customers with a workmanship warranty for the lifetime of the floor. With Rigid Vinyl’s ability to accommodate a wider breadth of


enhanced by a ‘z’ shaped structure which creates natural bounce back – perfect for homeowners who are conscious about reducing their carbon footprint, without compromising on performance.

“We’re passionate about doing our bit for the environment and our commitment was reflected in our recent Carpet Recycling UK ‘Take Back’ award that we won for the fourth time this summer for our scheme which is diverting over 250 tonnes of carpet waste from landfill.”

The company operates across 15 UK regional facilities. As well as flooring, the company provides curtains and blinds,

furniture and lighting, and operates a showhome and contract-focused interior design services division. @DesignerContrac

subfloor conditions, it’s important that we make sure our professionals understand the product’s limitations, as well as its many benefits. We’ve restructured our course to include Quick-Step Rigid Vinyl so they can confidently assess the site conditions, as well as understand the product’s technical capabilities.”

The Master Installer course trains professionals to the highest standard covering everything from health and safety to correct subfloor preparation, adhesives, underlayments, layouts, installation, underfloor heating,

staircases, accessories and maintenance; the two-day intensive pass or fail course is among the industry’s most comprehensive.

“With the addition of this product, installers are equipped with a skillset in a rapidly growing category. Generating improved consumer confidence thanks to an installation of the highest standard backed by a 33-year warranty, the Master Installer course is a great way to improve knowledge and boost revenue,” concludes Lee Thompson.

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