Hygiene as standard

A metal dispenser is often produced by folding the sheet metal to form the shape, as this process produces fewer seams and joints that can be prone to the build-up of dirt and grime and can be tricky to keep clean.

Stainless steel is the natural choice to support hygiene standards. Used in thousands of applications across

that we provide a 10-year warranty for our dispensers. By following the simple guidance to look after and maintain the dispensers you can be confident that they will last for many years providing washroom visitors with a reliable service.

New Developments

When Carl Need from the Anti-Ligature Shop identified the opportunity to create a stylish range of washroom dispensers for mental health facilities, metal was his preferred material.

Providing good facilities for hand washing encourages good hand hygiene as users are more likely to spend the time to wash and dry thoroughly.

domestic and industrial use, it’s the choice for cutlery through to pipelines. It is widely used for water storage and pipework because of its natural hygiene properties as it helps to prevent bacterial biofilms forming.

Providing good facilities for hand washing encourages good hand hygiene as users are more likely to spend the time needed to wash and dry their hands thoroughly. This helps reduce the spread of bacteria helping to keep your team, visitors and premises healthy and hygienic.

Service providers

Specifying a metal washroom range doesn’t mean that it has to only be a self-fill option. Most washroom hygiene service providers will also provide a metal dispenser range, so it’s possible to have the peace of mind that comes from an outsourced provider with the benefits that metal dispensers bring to the washroom.

Ease of cleaning

Metal dispensers are easy to keep clean and help reduce the pressure and time required for daily cleaning by the cleaning teams. Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion and the ease of cleaning makes it the ideal choice for the washroom. A simple mild, diluted detergent, wiped and rinsed by a soft cloth helps to keep on top of dust, fingerprints and water splashes.

Specialist stainless steel cleaning formulations are widely available but it is recommended to always perform a spot test first before changing cleaning products.

Expensive or long-term saving?

Metal dispensers are inevitably more expensive upfront than other dispensers available, but they will quickly prove their worth in the long term through their durability, robustness and overall strength.

At Dudley Industries, we are so confident in our quality 62 | WASHROOM HYGIENE

Those suffering with mental health issues can experience extreme emotional distress which can lead them to hurting themselves or worse, attempts to end their lives. It is vital that the environment where they live works to protect them and keep them safe but this doesn’t need to be at the expense of style.

Taking design cues from boutique hotels combined with Carl’s knowledge of how to design dispensers that help reduce the potential to attach ligatures; the Anti-Ligature Washroom Dispenser range was born. The range – which utilises a back plate to securely recess fit the dispensers – includes soaps, paper towel and toilet tissue dispensers including a mirror.

At Dudley Industries we’ve been honing our skills in sheet metal engineering since 1942, specialising in washroom and hygiene dispensers. We design and manufacture all our products at our specialist facility in Lancashire.

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