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Bruker Introduces FluidFM on the BioScope Resolve BioAFM

fi rst time, cell biology researchers can combine the femtoliters-scale fl uid control and injection capability of Cytosurge’s FluidFM technology with the force control, resolution, and speed that is only available with Bruker’s PeakForce Tapping

Bruker announced the launch of FluidFM on the BioScope Resolve® AFM. For the


technology. T e combined product opens the door to a whole range of novel single- cell investigations, including colloidal probe spectroscopy, single-cell injection, and single-bacteria adhesion studies.


Bruker Nano Surfaces Division

Bluebox Optics Launches a New Modular LED Light Source Ideally Suited for Fluorescence Microscopy

With up to seven LED channels, the niji delivers powerful, multi-wavelength excitation from UV to Far Red. T e niji allows users to start with one LED only—with its modular mainframe up to six more LEDs can be added at a later time, off ering additional excitation center wavelengths, excitation bands, and output power options as and when

they are needed.


EDAX Launches New Velocity™ EBSD Camera off ™ EBSD camera, which

× 120-pixel EBSD patterns for improved band detection. T is image resolution, combined with proven EDAX triplet indexing routines, provides orientation precision values of less than 0.1°.


New, Deep-Cooled, Ultra-Large-Format SOPHIA® CCD Cameras

Princeton Instruments announced the deep-cooled, ultra-large-format SOPHIA 4096B cameras. Engineered for applications ranging from astronomy to fluorescence imaging, these back-illuminated CCD cameras are an excellent addition to Princeton Instruments’ popular SOPHIA product line. Also available immediately are

deep-cooled SOPHIA 2048B cameras, which deliver high perfor- mance for an extensive set of low-light imaging applications such as astronomy, in vivo imaging, and semiconductor failure analysis.

Princeton Instruments

2018 September •

Velocity™ EBSD camera combines indexing speeds greater than 3,000 indexed points per second. At these speeds, the Velocity™ uses 120

ers high-speed EBSD mapping with the highest indexing perfor- mance on real-world materials. Powered by a CMOS sensor, the

EDAX, Inc. launched its new Velocity

New Back-Illuminated pco.panda 4.2 bi from the Pioneers in sCMOS Technology

PCO is introducing its latest camera innovation: pco.panda 4.2 bi (back-illuminated), a state-of- the-art sCMOS camera. It features the same compact 65 × 65 × 65 mm dimensions of the renowned pco. panda 4.2. PCO’s new back-illumi- nated sensor provides outstanding quantum efficiency up to 95%. These attributes, among others, make the pco.panda 4.2 bi camera of specific interest for microscopy and life science applications.


Introducing High-Speed, Ultra-Low-Noise SOPHIA-XO Cameras for Soft X-Ray Applications

Princeton Instruments announced the SOPHIA-XO camera platform, specially designed for scientifi c applications such as VUV/EUV/XUV imaging, X-ray diff raction, X-ray microscopy, X-ray holography, X-ray spectroscopy, and X-ray plasma. T e new SOPHIA-XO cameras use back-illuminated

CCDs for direct detection of the widest range of VUV and X-rays (~5 eV to 30 keV). T ese new XO camera models are extensions of Princeton Instruments’ popular SOPHIA

Princeton Instruments

® product line.

Modular Lab Furniture Systems Designed to Meet Space and Budget Needs

UniLine Furniture off erings include base cabinets, wall cabinets, countertops, sinks, fi xtures, base-tables, mobile work stations, specialty storage cabinets, and peg boards. Our Uniline Casework Groupings are designed to incorporate our most popular casework styles in a

complete package. Our services can also include a complete turnkey installation to ensure the one-source quality standards that you expect and deserve.

HEMCO Corporation

JAI Introduces High-Speed 4K Prism Color Line Scan Camera

JAI has introduced a new 3-CMOS prism color line scan camera in its Sweep+ Series camera family. T e new SW-4000T-MCL features three custom CMOS line sensors with 4K resolution mounted on a high-grade optical prism assembly

that precisely splits the incoming light into red, green, and blue wavebands. T e new camera provides 24-bit non-interpolated RGB output at up to 67.7 kHz, more than four times faster than any previous 4K prism color line scan camera.

JAI Inc.


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