Product News

AMC100 – New Motion Controller Enhances Power and Usability

attocube announced its new controller AMC100, which is available for all Industrial Line temperature positioners. T e new hardware features higher peak currents

to improve the performance of the positioners. It is available in an open-loop version or with integrated feedback loop for optoelectronic /NUM(+)-sensors. T e new control unit off ers Ethernet connectivity and a redesigned GUI, which allows for intuitive and easy operation of unlimited number of controllers in a single window.

attocube systems AG

New Thermo Scientifi c Prisma SEM Combines Performance and Versatility

T e newly released T ermo Scientifi c Prisma SEM platform incorporates an extensive selection of detectors, in situ stages, automation packages, and its environmental mode to make it one of the most complete off erings on the market. It can be confi gured as a lean “point-and-shoot” solution for industrial customers or augmented with an array of specialized imaging and analysis options for the researcher. It lets customers buy confi dently, knowing they have an optimal solution for their needs.

Thermo Fisher Scientifi c Inc. www.thermofi

JAI Introduces New Go Series Polarization Camera

JAI has added a new model to its Go Series of small and versatile machine vision cameras. T e GO-5100MP-USB is built around Sony’s IMX250MZR polarized CMOS image sensor, off ering 5.1 megapixels of total resolution and an innovative 4-way polarized fi lter design creating a range of

possibilities for imaging and analysis of objects. T e camera features a full resolution of 2464 × 2056 pixels with a 2/3” optical format and pixel sizes of 3.45 µm × 3.45 µm.

JAI Inc.

Magnetically Levitated Turbopumps

The Pfeiffer Vacuum HiPace M high-perfor- mance magnetically levitated turbopumps have high pumping speeds (300 l/s, 700 l/s, and 800 l/s), have high gas throughput, and achieve high compression ratios for all gases. These pumps are optimized to run in all mounting orientations with a low vibration signature and quiet operation. An advanced rotor design provides unlimited rotor service life, out of balance compensation, and

dependable operation. They are maintenance-free and oil-free.

Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc

44 Recirculating Gas Cooler

Existing liquid-helium-cooled microscopy cryostats can be converted to cryogen-free operation with the addition of an external cryocooler, the Janis Recirculating Gas Cryocooler (RGC4). Instead of using liquid helium from a storage vessel, the RGC4 delivers a stream of 4K helium to the

microscopy cryostat. T is combination provides positional stability to <10 nm and is suitable for micro-PL, micro-Raman, and other vibration-sensitive techniques.

Janis Research Company, LLC

HyperFlux™ PRO Plus

complete Raman spectroscopy system including a proprietary HTVS-enabled spectrometer, a high-quality stabilized laser, multiple laser safety interlocks, temperature monitoring and dynamic re-calibration, and automated system health monitoring and

fault detection. T e PRO Plus is a powerful and easy-to-use instrument that delivers better Raman sensitivity and provides 10× improvement in spectrometer throughput/signal strength, 3× to 6× improvement in SNR, 10× to 30× faster measurement, and lower laser power operation.

Tornado Spectral Systems

FWS Fluorimeters advantages are high excitation power using Spectrolight’s TwinFilm™

Technology, low dark noise and stray light using high-speed CCD, and fast acquisition of spectrum using Spectrolight’s new soſt ware interface.

Spectrolight, Inc. uorimeter

Bunton Instrument Introduces RetroBOT – Motorized XYZ for Upright Optical Microscopes

RetroBOT components are 3D-printed, and the conventional XYZ stepper motors are connected to the Bunton Arduino controller that comes with each system. A demo is available on YouTube channel “T eMICROBG.” T is is a good hardware solution for image stitching and z -stacking. It can be used with small-format or large-format digital cameras (DSLR). It is shown here with the USA-made InFocus that replaces the trinocular tube, viewing oculars, and expensive camera couplers. RetroBOT developer kits are now available.

Bunton Instrument Co., Inc.

doi: 10.1017/S1551929518000767 • 2018 September

A new product of FWS Fluorimeters is now off ered by Spectrolight. T e FWS Fluorimeter integrates a tungsten halogen lamp, Mighty Light, with an award- winning Flexible Wavelength Selector to provide a high-power, tunable monochro- matic beam for excitation. T e key product

Tornado’s HyperFlux™ PRO Plus is a

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