TheTwo Magpies

TheGen This reviewwasoriginally writtenpre lockdown,and theonlything that’skeptme going for the lastyear is the promiseof a return trip!

I visitedthe bakeryontheir six-weekbirthdayandI’m ashamedtosayI didn’tbring themapresent.Whatdoyou evenbuya bakery?Yeast?Do theywantyeast?Because I knowaguy, I canget them yeast. Itmight be unsanitary though.Maybeabunchof flours?

Idoubt theyneedanything frommehowever as the placewaspackedwith puntersandhadbeenfrom dayone.There is a good reason.The spotonTimber Hill is the fourthTwo Magpies locationbringing their awardwinning freshly bakedbreadandcakesand breakfast,brunch,andlunch tothe castle quarter.

Atmosphere The staffwerebusywith the neverdwindlingqueueof hungry customersbutwere super friendly, evenwhen trying tostopme fromself- isolating in the cake cabinet. The cakeswere all just so beautiful – if Ihave tobe holedupsomewhere, Iwant it tobe with those little beauties.

We’rewelcomedwith tier

upontierof bakeddelights overwhichthesmellsof the kitchenandit’s freshlybaked breadcanroll.With foodto goanddining space tomake amealofyour triptheTwo Magpies is there tosatisfy all yourbreadbasedneeds.And boy,doIhavebreadbased needs. Always.Constantly. Their industrial aesthetic feels stylishlyutilitarian with greypaintedbreezeblocks andexposedfittings tying in the dining area with theopen kitchen. It looksveryon trend. (As if Iknowwhat’s cool! Ha!)

TheMainEvent I cancarb loadfaster than a Hovis lorryona4amdelivery run soI remindmyself to slowdownandactually enjoythe qualityhand shapedsourdoughbread. Using a live culture, locally milledflourandnatural ingredients thisbreadis just fantastic; crustyandsoſtin equalmeasure.Theyalso boast that thebreadis edible tomanyfolkswhoare gluten intolerantandhonestly, thankGod.Theworldis a prettyrottenplace at the best of timesandbreadisoneof the fewthings thatkeepsme going.

For aheartybrunchIorder the Shakshuka, apoached egg servedin spicedbeans with a shotof crème fraiche. This little dish is served


alongside twomightyslabsof sourdoughcut withmyidea ofportioncontrol (none). It’s essentiallyposh beanson toastbut I dig it with the egg bursting with flavorandthe crème fraiche a creamy cooling counter tone tothe pipinghot beans.

With thiswe alsohad mushroomsontoastandthe bricksof sourdoughwere the perfect fit absorbing all the delicious juiceswhile still managing tomaintain its rustic consistency.The lamb’s leaf saladwith itwas interestinglysweetandgave a little something extra tothe firmbiteof themushrooms.

Pud Damn!Those cakes looked good, choosingonewas like pickingyour favourite child (difficultbutyouhave todo it).Therewas ahandsome looking gingerbreadman,but I’vemade thedecisionnever toeat somethingaſter its smiledatme. In theendI chose the clementine loaf cake, thepicturesque dribble of icinganartist’simpression of the ideal cake. Like plucking apudding froma Ghiblifilmthefirmglazed surface crackedtoreveal the delicate interior – a light citrusof ediblepotpourri. (Although, ifyouaskme, all potpourri is edible.You’re all justweak.)

The dreamyapple cake certainlylivesuptoitsname and, with luck, will be visiting mydreamsfor nights to come. Ithada joyouslymoist textureandthemascarpone was balancedoutbybig chunksof fresh-tasting apple.

Overall The twomagpiesdoes simplewell.Adeceptively difficult featwhichthey manage effortlessly. Of course, Iwas always going to like thisplace. I just love bread.Theyevenselldog biscuitsand, tobehonest, I’d probablyenjoythose too. I have aproblem,butnot to worry, Iknowa great bakery. That’llmakeme feel better!

Words James MacDonald


Fodder Value Overall

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