News Thug assaulted three officers A MAN who violently attacked three police officers and abused hospital staff has been jailed.

Darren Selwood (37), of Clive House, Royal British Legion Vil- lage, Aylesford, hit one officer so hard across the head that blood sprayed over a nearby van. He also urinated over an officer

and headbutted another one twice. An ambulance was called and

the victim was taken to a local hos- pital for medical attention. Police were called to a distur- bance in Bull Lane, Eccles, at around 11.30pm on May 7 . A Kent Police spokesman said: “Once at hospital, Selwood at- tempted to headbutt a constable who was supervising him and

then spat in the eye of another. “A doctor who arrived to treat Selwood was also subjected to a torrent of racial abuse.” He was later charged with three assaults on emergency workers, a racially-aggravated public order offence and using threatening or abusive words or behaviour. Selwood, pictured, appeared be- fore Medway Magistrates’ Court where he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year and 25 weeks in prison. This included the activation of a suspended sentence relating to similar offences. Chief Inspector Omid Changizi

said: “Our officers work tirelessly to protect the public from harm and should be able to go about their duties without being as- saulted, spat on and sprayed with blood and urine.

“Similarly, hard working medi- cal staff should be confident to tend the injured and vulnerable without being subjected to racist abuse and threats.

“The person arrested on this oc-

casion has shown himself to be a violent and odious individual and I am pleased that within two days of being detained he is starting a prison sentence.”

Police spat at in town Team’s work expands

TWO men have been charged with spitting at police officers in Maidstone. The officers were targeted and assaulted during the space of a few hours on May 27. A man who was arrested for reportedly assaulting a woman in Brunwick Street, became ag- gressive in custody and injured a constable's arm. The suspect was then taken to hospital, where it is alleged he spat in an officer’s eye. Callum Geary (25), of Dick- ens Road, was later charged with two counts of assault by beating of an emergency worker and two further as- saults. He was also charged with theft and criminal damage. During the same evening, a

man was seen shouting racial abuse near Fremlin Walk. The man is said to have threatened members of the public who challenged him and was arrested nearby. The suspect then “spat on both a female officer’s neck and at a member of the public”. John Devall (37), of no fixed address, was charged with as- sault, assault by beating of an emergency worker and two counts of racially-aggravated harassment. Both

suspects were re-

manded in custody and ap- peared before Maidstone Magistrates’ Court on May 29. Mr Devall was bailed to return to the court on June 7 and Mr Geary was bailed until July 5.

A MERCEDES C220 D was broken into in Allington Way, Allington. The steering wheel and centre console were stolen and extensive internal damage was caused. A Citroen C3 was damaged in Ashford

Road, Bearsted. Food was stolen in a break-in at a house in Caring Lane, Thurnham.

A group of people stole items from a building merchants in St Peter’s Street, Maidstone.

A fire door was damaged in a failed at-

tempt to break into the leisure centre in Willow Way, Shepway. A phone was stolen from a bag in Clock House Rise, Coxheath. Thieves stole fuel from a truck in a layby in Detling Hill, Thurnham. A man entered a shop and stole a mobile phone after distracting staff in Sitting-


THE work of Maidstone Commu- nity Safety Partnership (MCSP) is being widened to the disruption of a criminal gang involved in drugs and money-laundering. One operation was closed down recently, it claims.

The MCSP also aims to work to disrupt illegal puppy farms and unlicensed breeders. The protection team recently put a stop to an illicit operation be- lieved to have a Kent network. MCSP’s plan is currently being

updated for approval by Maid- stone Borough Council (MBC). The partnership also aims to in- crease awareness of local domestic abuse and to support and protect families and individuals at high risk. There has been a year-on-year increase of recorded incidents, in- cluding rape and sexual violence. There is also a drive to keep chil- dren and young people safe, espe- cially those living in abusive and violent households affected by drugs and alcohol.

Girl injured in road accident A TEENAGE girl was left injured after being hit by a car on the A228 Malling Road in Mereworth near the junction with Kent Street, at around 3.45pm on May 21. A Kent Police spokesman said: “Officers and South East Coast Ambu-

lance Service attended, and a teenage girl was treated for injuries and was then taken to a local hospital.”

Neighbourhood Watch

Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police bourne Road, Maidstone.

The front glass of a store in Hart Street, Fant, was damaged.

Somebody damaged a Ford Ka in a shopping car park in Sittingbourne Road, Maidstone. Three young people damaged a fence by kicking a ball against it in Fant Lane, Fant. A window was smashed when a stone

was thrown at it in Robins Close, Lenham. A watch was stolen from a shopper in a store in St Peter’s Street, Maidstone. A caravan window was smashed in Pye Corner, Ulcombe.

A Volkswagen Golf was broken into in Suffolk Road, Shepway, and a radio and built-in screen were stolen. Someone damaged items in a restaurant in Earl Street, Maidstone, after the propri- etor refused to serve them.

A white KTM motorbike, registration LO19*** was stolen in Upper Street, Leeds. Three young people tried to steal a gnome from a property in The Tail Race, Tovil. A white Ford Transit van, registration

LT03***, was stolen from a driveway at a farm in Darman Lane, Yalding.

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