News Park pervert

A MAN indecently exposed him- self in a park, just yards away from families enjoying the sunshine. The incident happened in Brenchley Gardens, near Station Road, at about 2pm on June 1. A man in his 70s was arrested and released pending inquiries. Sergeant Andrew Ferguson said:

“We would like to speak to any- body who witnessed a man acting suspiciously or indecently.”

Sports coup COVERAGE of the Euro 2020 and

Tour de France is being filmed at Maidstone Studios. This is the second year the fa- mous bike race is being covered from the Vinters Park facility. Chairman of Maidstone Studios, Geoff Miles, said: “To have such prestigious tournaments broadcast- ing from our facilities is fantastic.”

Model show THE Southern Model Show will

take place at Headcorn Aerodrome on August 21 and 22. The event will feature model

aircraft, helicopters, ships, tanks, and other vehicles.

Thug who abused and spat at police is jailed

A VIOLENT thug who headbut- ted, abused and spat at police of- ficers has been jailed for six months.

Kenneth Britcher (32), of Wil- lowside, Snodland, bit a police constable and struck another in the face during his arrest in September, 2020.

He then spat at a policeman and screamed: “I hope you get COVID”. Britcher later appeared to be- come unwell and a female officer helped him by holding a bucket in case he needed to be sick. He turned his head from the bucket and spat in her face.

Four months later police were

called to Britcher’s home again, in connection to another distur- bance. He was taken to hospital for medical attention and whilst waiting to be seen by a doctor, he started shouting and swearing at

the officers. He headbutted one of the constables in the chest, forcing him backwards.

Britcher pleaded guilty to five counts of assault by beating of an emergency worker.

He also admitted charges of

being drunk and disorderly, crim- inal damage and an unrelated shoplifting offence.

District Commander for Ton-

bridge and Malling, Chief Inspec- tor Omid Changizi, said: “Britcher’s behaviour was utterly abhorrent. “Every day our officers are re- quired to attend unpredictable, challenging

and sometimes

volatile situations. However, like any other job, officers should be able to perform their roles with- out being the subject of such dis- gusting and potentially dangerous actions. “Any assaults on police officers

and staff are completely unac- ceptable and we will not hesitate to prosecute those who put their safety and the safety of other emergency workers at risk in this way.”

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