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Re-opening halls Members agreed as the Government road map for lockdown easing stated that indoor hospitality could re-open on May 17, the parish council would look to re-open halls on that date. The clerk would send out letters informing hirers of the return date, arrange deep cleans of both premises and request risk assessments to be sent in from each group. Cllr Manser would buy washing-up liquid, wipes and bin liners, while the clerk will look for soap dispensers and Cllr Gooch would order signage to be printed by Hadlums. Face-to-face meetings The council needed to be prepared for the return to face-to-face meetings in May. Cllr Gooch proposed to adopt the risk assessment document,which was seconded by Cllr Vizzard. Cllr Gooch asked members for suggestions about queuing signage. Cllr Vizzard suggested small crosses or something similar to be painted on the oor leading to the entrance door. Allotments Cllr Doe had approached three companies for the purchase of the plants but they all required a minimum order of £500. He would continue to look for a suitable supplier. Parish trees Cllr Doe regularly checked trees around the parish. He thought the parish council should seek advice on the redwood by Cedar Drive on Tonbridge Rd. The tree has several woodpecker holes in it and has quite a lot of weight at the top. Cllr Gooch would give the clerk the email address of the MBC tree department. Speed watch Cllr Williams had been contacted by a willing volunteer for the speed watch project. The clerk will send the police contact information to Cllr Williams and the contact details for any other volunteers. Cllr Vizzard volunteered to complete the training so that he could help out if necessary.


HGVs Cllr Gary Cooke said the ‘Unsuitable for HGV signs ‘had been installed as agreed. Cllr Cooke reiterated that the 17 tonne weight limit signs were a mandatory statutory limit, not advisory and were enforceable, contrary to the belief of the PCSO. Cllr China said the PCSO had not yet claried her understanding regarding the weight restriction signage. Flytipping Borough councillor Gill Fort said rubbish at Penfold Hill and Old Mill Lane had been cleared and she had asked MBC to undertake a litter pick in the area.

Highways Cllr Springford spoke about the signage in Forge Lane when Back Street was closed. He said the signage stayed in place long after the road was re-opened. He had removed the signage himself and KCC had collected it. Abbey Farm Cllr Fort said rubbish was being burnt at Abbey Farm. It had

stopped since she visited the site. Playing eld Cllr China reported that the Loose Lions were due to start using the eld again. They had asked for permission to install ood lighting and he asked members for their views. It was agreed that Cllr China would liaise with Loose Lions about the anticipated hours of use for the lighting. Street lighting Cllr China said the build- out light had been replaced, and a shield installed on the lights at Brogden Crescent.


Church Road development The meeting heard footpath KM86 would be retained but there would be a separate cycle path along the northern end of the site. A pedestrian route and a separate cycle route would also be provided for the southern part of the site into Woolley Road to provide a quick route to Senacre School. A ramp would be put next to the steps leading to The Beams. A gure of £100k S106 money would be allocated to improve the network on a section of Deringwood Drive/where the site connects to Church Road. It is understood that all the conditions have to be delivered pre-occupation. Site traffic Further to a query about site traffic entering Church Road when construction begins, Cllr Cooke said there would need to be a development/ construction plan which would have to be signed off by KCC/MBC. Cllr Cooke said there was no easy way to access the site but pointed out that the Bicknor Wood site was previously accessed from White Horse Lane, via the Sutton Road, and there were very few houses that will be affected. Cllr Gray pointed out that the road was less than 3m wide between White Horse Lane and the development, so it would not be a safe route. Donation requests It was agreed to make a donation of £100 to the Air Ambulance. Otham Glebe The council thanked Cllrs Newton and Gray for their swift action when operatives arrived to remove saplings. Cllr Newton has arranged for a six-month tree preservation order for the site. Village green car park Cllrs Hipkins, Gray and the clerk met with three contractors with a view to obtaining quotations. The approach road would go between two trees and permission would be needed to remove two boughs. Memorial bench Another request for a memorial bench on the green had been received. It was agreed that a protocol was required to regulate requests. It was subsequently agreed that an existing bench could be considered for replacement. Grass cutting It was noted that Mr Waring does a really good job. On the basis of a minimal increase for the forthcoming year, it was agreed to ask Mr Waring to continue with the grass cutting.

Play equipment Discovery Timber had advised that they would incur unexpected costs (£960) due to the length of time taken from their original quotation to an order/installation and asked if the council would be willing to share the costs. It was agreed to make a contribution of £200, on the condition that the installation goes ahead on the agreed date. Litter pick It was noted that quite a few people were collecting litter in the parish. However, the clerk said the borough council was not currently providing equipment for organised litter picks. It was agreed that, by the time restrictions were eased, it would be too late for a litter pick, so it was agreed not to proceed. However, a note would be added to social media thanking residents who had collected litter and encouraging everyone to litter pick in their own areas.

West Farleigh

Donation A late request had been received from Pukka Ponies. It was explained that, when setting this year’s budget, a sum of £1,600 had been set aside for donations. However, due to the pandemic, a decision had been made in January to use money from general reserves to support the groups with a larger donation. To date, a total of £2,500 had been awarded. It was noted that Pukka Ponies had arranged for Father Christmas to visit the children of the village on horseback before Christmas, as many booked visits (at garden centres etc) had been cancelled due to COVID- 19. It was agreed to make a donation of £200 to support their work in the village. Village event Cllr Swan said it would be nice to hold an event once restrictions had lifted to give residents the opportunity to socialise with each other again. One idea was a picnic or barbecue on the village green, in conjunction with the Good Intent pub. There was brief discussion about whether this was a large enough area, and it was agreed alternative outdoor spaces should be investigated further over the coming months. Litter picking This had been a successful scheme with volunteers meeting up once a month to litter pick the roads around the village. A car is used to protect volunteers, as many of the roads do not have pavements. All involved take part at their own risk and MBC had always taken away the black bags afterwards. This has now been withdrawn and volunteers have been told that, by using a vehicle to shield volunteers, they could be blocking the lanes. If the practice continued MBC would report the group to KCC for blocking a highway. It was made very clear that, at no time, are any of the roads blocked to through traffic and this threat was extremely disappointing. The clerk was asked to contact the borough councillors to nd out what can be done to support this scheme.


Parish Councils

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