Maintenance & Refurbishment

resistance to indentation, as well as excellent durability. Solutions are typically available in 15 dB and 19 dB variants, and the choice will depend on specific requirements. The latest developments in design also means that there is an unrivalled choice of colours, graphics and designs to choose from, ensuring that the aesthetics of a space are not compromised. For areas that require a softer finish, such as bedrooms, flocked floor

coverings combine warmth, comfort and impact sound reduction properties with outstanding hardwearing performance. They are also easy to clean and maintain. With products available on the market that can reduce impact noise by up to 22 dB, this flooring can minimise the sound of footsteps, voices and ambient noise. It is also worth looking out for products that have been awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval™ too, as these can make a further positive contribution to occupant health and wellbeing. When it comes to refurbishing existing properties, while the ideal scenario

for social housing providers would be to ensure that work is carried out while rooms and buildings are vacant, this may not always be the case. The urgent need to bring some properties up to higher acoustic standards is likely to mean that tenants will still be living in their homes during any building work, and refurbishments should be programmed to minimise disruption and downtime in order to avoid disturbance. For these situations, it is now possible for social housing providers to turn to acoustic vinyl solutions that offer an adhesive free, ‘fast fit’ installation. Adhesive free acoustic vinyl solutions, as their name suggests, require no

adhesive, tackifier or double-sided tape, which can reduce installation time by over 50 per cent compared to their standard, glued down counterparts. Quick and easy to install, even while the property is still in use, there is little to no noise, dust or lingering odours. In fact, all of the usual constraints associated with adhesives are eliminated, including setting times and drying times. The floor can even be walked on immediately after installation, meaning that areas are only out of action for a minimal amount of time, enabling enhanced acoustic performance to be achieved rapidly. These solutions are ideal for keeping installation costs and time to a minimum.

What’s more, the acoustic offering also expands to luxury vinyl tiles, which is

perfect for areas where beautiful floor design is key. In wet rooms and kitchens, acoustic safety flooring offers sustainable slip resistance. And with greater emphasis on the need to make environmentally conscious decisions, acoustic linoleum options offer those managing multi-occupancy properties, as well as tenants, a low maintenance solution, which can be cleaned easily, without the need for specialist tools or chemicals. Poor acoustics can impact the overall living environment and excessive noise

can be a major nuisance. Even at lower levels, it can affect attention span, increase stress levels and cause negative effects on health and wellbeing. Therefore, it is key that social housing providers put measures in place to ensure a quiet and comfortable living environment for current and future tenants. Social housing providers should work together with acoustic flooring

experts to ensure that residential buildings are fitted out with the most appropriate solutions.

Karen Wilding is segment marketing manager for housing at Forbo Flooring Systems

Flooring Feature

Cycle-Works install successful cycle lockers

Bike theft is a growing problem, especially in communities with high rise flats and flat fronted properties where residents lack a safe place to store their bicycles at home.

Cycle-works has worked extensively with local councils, such as Tower Hamlets, Reading and Portsmouth City Council, to install and successfully manage cycle lockers and Hangars for residents to park their bikes securely. All these locations have proved extremely popular as residents welcome the safe lockable bike storage units, which make cycling more accessible in exchange for a small annual rental fee. This can all be managed by Cycle-Works. Convenient and paper-free

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