visit and enjoy; the sheer size, detail and creative genius of these works of art are unreal. For a map of locations of street art: www.

• Fisher Park is at the center is GSO’s oldest park with homes from the early 1900’s and a bonus—it has a stream running through it.

• Lindley Park, neighborhood and park, be sure to visit the “Cor- ner’s Farmers Market” on Saturday mornings before or after your urban hike

• College Hill, is “a lively, walkable neighborhood with his- toric homes, public places and businesses” https://www.greens-

Winston Salem

• West End Historic District & Grace Park, houses its oldest building from 1887, and contains “streets that respond to, not resist, topography” ( read: quaint hilly and narrow streets, and rumor has it you can book a carriage ride if you’d like a respite from your walk. New phone number: 336-518-6149

• Bethabara Park, is the birthplace of Winston Salem, including preserved buildings, wetlands, birding trails https://www.cityof-

• Old Salem. This historic treasure where George Washington spent two nights is a must see and with its gardens and trails; a terrific urban hiking destination

High Point

• Johnson Street. With 14 acres, with 46 properties, this is High Point’s first historic district. For an inventory of its interesting structures and more of its history; DocumentCenter/View/44/Johnson-Street-Historic-District- PDF?bidId=

• Sherrod Park. This local historic neighborhood features tudor, Craftsmen and Colonial Revival structures. https://www.high-

Ideas to make Urban Hiking more interesting to you:

~ Create your own map using Google My Maps. This com- puter app allows you to create your own map with stops along the way, it also creates a history of where you have walked and a “map journal” of interesting places you saw along your urban hike

~ Take a small journal and jot down your thoughts and discov- eries, allowing your creative mind to flow (walking certainly gets the mind working and thoughts flowing with more free thought), don’t lose these precious trains of thought, write them down! Or, use an easy voice recorder app on your phone to


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