Why We Need Urban Hiking Now More than Ever

daylight savings, family obligations and restricted social interac- tion, packing a bag and hopping a plane to go on a nature based vacation may not be feasible right now, but there is another op- tion that can create joy, interest, mental stimulation as well as a physical workout. Urban hiking is simply walking or “hiking” (preferably locally) in a city or town. The Triad has wonderful greenways and paved walking trails around our local lakes, but let’s change up the landscape and turn our focus on a different twist; city walking aka urban hiking. Thankfully we have many amazing alternative options to engage with in this worthwhile endeavor in the Triad. Why should we make urban hiking a priority this winter?


When one sets out on foot at 3 miles per hour (the average speed of walking), they have experiences in their local area in a way that speeding by in a vehicle would never give. They may see majestic historic homes built with unique character, sidewalk gardens and Little Free Libraries, homes built into the landscape so unobtrusively that brings to mind the work of famous architect

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depressing time of year for many, and especially so in our current global situation. Due to work schedules,

Frank Loyd Wright. The urban hiker may see oak trees that are 100 years old, and a house that looks like a small version of the White House, so majestic it stops one in their tracks. One could say that urban hiking destinations can serve as a bridge between areas one cannot travel to right now, to their front doors. So what are some of these destinations in the Triad we should strive to see for our emotional, mental and physical well-being until we can get to the wilderness (if you are into that sort of thing)?


• Westerwood neighborhood. Built in the 1920’s and 30’s, this enchanting neighborhood has old growth trees and includes Queen Anne-inspired homes that will delight the urban hiker. Be sure to look for that home that is so beautifully built into the landscape you will immediately wonder….did a famous architect design this house? If you are a birder, bring your list, guidebook and binoculars. For more insight and to plan your walk, visit:

• Greensboro Street Art. You could make a list of street art to Robinhood Integrative Health Bruce Lantelme, MD

Weston “Wiggy” Saunders, MD Elizabeth Bozeman, MD

Kelly Carpenter, NP-C • Christen Duke, NP-C Jenny Addison FNP-C • Gina Davis, FNP-C • Daniel Lackey, FNP-C 336.768.3335 www.

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