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he Good News and the Bad News. Although we are still unclear about our agreement to leave the EU with or without a deal it seems fairly certain that anyone wanting to obtain a parrot or parakeet from a European breeder will find that the bird will require a CITES export licence from the country in Europe that it is being sent from and also a CITES import licence to bring it into the UK. This will mean that one way or another, we the buyer, will have to pay for two licences!! The good news is that drug companies seem to be having success in developing vaccines to immunise us against Coronavirus in the not too distant future. This time last year I said ‘With our national news focused very firmly on the imminent General Election….’ That seems like four years ago!! I do hope that you enjoy reading this winter edition of Bird Scene and that it brings you a different subject to absorb. We all know that bird keeping is a relaxing past-time, however, for hobbyist breeders that keep their birds in unheated aviaries through the poor weather experienced during the winter months it can also be a rather worrying time, however, with careful preparation and planning we can mitigate the worst of the weather. If aviaries are exposed to the wind then the provision of clear plastic sheeting wrapped around three sides of the aviary improves the conditions inside remarkably and at a


very low cost. During the winter months it is always important to feed your birds each day, not only to ensure they have plenty of food but also to study your birds and make sure they are not distressed by the weather conditions. Those who keep their stock in breeding rooms where they can easily turn up the heating however, are in a far more satisfactory position. In this edition of Bird Scene we are very pleased to have an excellent article on Foreign birds, the 6th part of the presentations given at our Chester Seminar for our 50th Anniversary relating to research in Germany on Macaw Wasting Disease by Julia Heckmann, a report on Barbara Heidenreich’s Teaching on pet parrots and an article by Dot Schwarz on Retrieving Lost Aviary Birds. Also in this issue we have a pictorial review of past National Exhibitions as the event that was due to be held Stafford County Showground on Sunday 6th October unfortunately had to be cancelled due to Coronavirus that started in March 2020 and is still ongoing at the time of writing, in late November 2020. The quality of the images taken by our Designer Neil Randle are excellent and allow readers of this publication, who may not have been able to attend this event, a real insight into the day. So really quite a lot for you to read and hopefully pick up some pointers that may well assist you with whatever species of birds you currently

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