Venue News

On the ground floor of the venue is the Stable room – where the main set up is a 4 point Airten speaker system. The main challenge here is that the room looks out right onto the high street and that, combined with being a smaller capacity room means the sound limitations are increased. A Venu 115 sub is wall-mounted just under the front Airten speakers to keep the sound tight together and to meet stringent listed building criteria. Another area of concern cited by the building regulations and historical foundation teams which the Void and Studio 338 teams needed to address, was the perceived impact on the 600-year-old plasterwork in this room which was originally where horses where housed overnight. Larry picks up the story here, explaining that they allayed concerns with the recommended installation, but with a grin says, “I have to say, with respect, that it was a first for us having the issue of horse hair in 600 year old plaster as a problem!”

The final area in Sugar Hut is the VIP area on the second floor of the venue. Once more, due to the local residents, the sound limits are more sensitive. The team’s main specification are Airten speakers with a Venu 212 sub placed under the DJ booth which helps to keep the overall volume consistent and helps reign in the temptation to push the sound levels. The audio team designed a configuration to overcome the limited mounting positionings and smaller spaces available to create a visual impact as well as a great sounding system.

The room also includes a Stasys 118 sub along with 2x Venu 12s leading towards the bar with 4x futuristic looking Indigo Series to cover the sound for guests ordering drinks. The Indigo Series speakers provide a perfect solution in these small

16 November 2020

spaces as they are small and can be mounted high on the low ceilings.

“We’ve managed to keep much of the traditional look and

character of the 600-year-old

listed building intact, whilst

enhancing it with a modern feel”

“This venue has been a perfect challenge for our client Studio 338 and our Void Acoustics design team,” reflects Mike. “We always aim for near perfect acoustics with all our installations and we’ve enjoyed the challenge of maintaining the wooden- beamed quirkiness and historical importance of the building whilst delivering an intimate Ibiza-style atmosphere that Larry asked us for.”

“We had challenging room layouts, the sound level challenges and the historical nature of the listed building to address. Along with

important preservation teams to keep happy,” sums up Larry. “And so with

the design and audio capabilities of the Void speakers, they really were the obvious choice for this installation. We’ve managed to keep much of the traditional look and character of the 600-year-old listed building intact, whilst enhancing it with a modern feel. The speakers offer impact upon arrival, and the systems specified for each room are punching above their weight and they look great everywhere. The eagle-eyed will have seen the speakers featuring in shots on TOWIE the other week on the TV! In addition to which working with the team at Void is always a pleasure. Their professional approach, their fluent and depth knowledge of the science of audio, and the flexible approach to solutions and problem solving is second to none.”

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