NEW PECKHAM LEVELS SITE Setting up the new socially distanced shop on the 4th floor of Peckham Levels with golf, games, arcades and cocktails.

Summer has been incredibly tough on the hospitality sector and Plonk is no exception to that rule. Having to adapt and change almost weekly, Plonk has now taken over a large space in Peckham Levels to create a venue built with social distancing in mind from the ground up.

The brand new space will offer Plonk’s biggest and best nine-hole course to date. Fitted with floor to ceiling ball lifts, huge ball runs, loops, ramps, jumps and of course the signature mini golf games. The arcade will be lined with pinball machines, retro arcade cabinets, foosball tables, ping pong with regular and new games coming in over the months to follow. The bar will be serving up all the cocktail classics and local brews with some top-shelf Plonk for the wine drinkers. £15 will get South London putters a round on the golf course and ten tokens for the arcade coming in well below its rivals. Beyond that, the first 200 people that purchase tickets to the Peckham Levels site will get a house drink on arrival.

The course has been designed to be totally socially distanced, the first indoor golf course of its kind. Every hole will be at least two metres from the next giving family and friends the chance to take their time and order

drinks directly to them. Stools with barrel tables will be placed next to each hole allowing a relaxed crazy golf experience like no other in the capital. Hand sanitising stations will be placed across the venue and capacity will be reduced for the foreseeable future to allow extra space and time around the venue creating a safer experience for all.

The course itself will be rammed full of bonus games including the ‘Snooker Shot’ hole where Plonkers can use their snooker skills to land that all-important hole in one and ‘Plonk pinball’ bonus game. Along the nine holes there will be deceptive jumps which prove tricky to the most seasoned pro and miraculous lifts where the ball might suddenly appear back at the player's feet. Everything will be packaged into Plonks legendary tiki theme that will warm the soul on those cold winter nights.

Elliot Scott, Co-Founder of Plonk says: “It’s so good to finally be able to offer South London some of our Plonk madness. Our new space will be one of the biggest to date and create one the safest, socially distanced spots in town. All the usual Plonk toys will be there providing our signature token of entertainment but we’ll be aiming to create a course like no one has seen in the capital before. We can’t wait to open. O, did I mention the first 200 bookings get a free drink on arrival.”

As the winter nights roll in Plonk will provide all the tropical warmth South Londoners need, keeping the summer vibes going, lush cocktails will be the drink of the season. Packed full of all the flavoured goodness and booze all could want. The cocktail menu is yet to be designed but think fruity, colourful and swanky.

Food will be supplied by the incredible traders on the Peckham Levels site. More information will follow but expect a huge offering from across all traders.

With all this new space Plonk can start running events and distanced competitions. There are plans for ‘Two 4 One’ evenings and ‘All You Can Play’ events to come. Plonk will also be stacked with board games to play throughout the seating area in the venue with the option to buy brand new ones if gamers like it.

For further socially distanced fun, Plonk Horniman site will be staying open for winter. Parked right next to Horniman Museum the course features Plonk’s signature loops, huge thrilling hills, bonkers balancing beams, and radical ramps. But there are also information boards where you can learn all about the history of the gardens and share some interesting facts about the museum. The course is accessible to players of all abilities and ages.



November 2020

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