Hiretech Limited Investment Supports Decommissioning Sector

Equipment rental business Hiretech Limited has taken receipt of newly built subsea shears and hydraulic grabs as part of a recent £600,000 investment in decommissioning equipment.

The investment was encouraged following client feedback received by Hiretech’s Decommissioning and Subsea Business Development Manager, Duncan Duthie.

Commenting on the investment, Mr Duthie said, “We were keen to pinpoint the correct target for our investment, and collaborated with our clients and the manufacturer to go back to first principles for the subsea shears. We now have shears specifically designed for water depths of up to 10,000 ft with performance, ease of operation and maintenance a priority.”

Hiretech, which offers equipment rental and personnel supply to the energy and marine industries, has not been immune to the effects of Covid-19 and the recent oil price volatility, but believes the business environment has now stabilised.

Andy Buchan, CEO, commented, “Talking to our peers and New Enerpac Tool Spreads and Cuts in One

The new Enerpac ECS-Series Cutter Spreader combination tool features powerful jaws that can cut and spread, bringing a versatile and simple tool to offshore and decommissioning engineers.

Two Tools in One The powerful spreading jaws apply five tons of force to quickly open workpieces and expose the internal parts of vehicles, appliances and other industrial equipment. A pair of large blades grip and cut through extensive sections of sheet metal and similar materials, streamlining and accelerating the processing operation. Whether recycling appliances, removing impediments or cutting materials down to size, the Cutter Spreader combination tool is the ideal tool to access required parts and get the job done.

28 August 2020

Easy to Use The Cutter Spreader combination tool is an innovative and simple design that offers both cutting and spreading action in a single plug- and-play tool without the need of pumps, hoses or batteries. The tool only weighs 15 Kg and features a rotatable head for optimal positioning of the jaws on the workpiece. A large control knob positioned directly at the front of the handle makes it easy to activate the jaws, regardless of how the tool is positioned.

Fast and Powerful The Cutter Spreader combination tool blades open to nearly one foot to grip and cut a large variety of work pieces within two to three seconds. Unlike typical spreading tools that deliver only one ton of spreading force, the powerful ECS-Series tools generate over five tons of force to get the job done fast and with ease.

Enerpac ECS-Series specification: • Maximum blade aperture (cm): 30 • Maximum spreading force: 5.17 tons • Maximum tensile strength (psi): 94, 275 • Maximum material hardness (HRC): 41 • Power specifications: 120 or 230 volts • Weight (kg): 15 • Applications: recycling plants, scrap yards, decommissioning, general Industrial cutting and spreading.


Hiretech's CEO Andy Buchan With Subsea & Decommissioning Rental Equipment

clients, it is apparent that activity drops through the worst months of the pandemic of up to 70% from last year were not uncommon, although there are definitely encouraging signs of a bump off the bottom at the moment. Like other businesses, we have had to resize, refocus and reinvigorate our team to meet the new challenges we face. We see tremendous opportunities for SMEs in the new world.”

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