INDUSTRY NEWS Rotork Launches Lifetime Management Services

The new Lifetime Management service changes the way that Rotork Site Services (RSS) operates, with a stronger focus on ensuring the most appropriate response based on the criticality of the customer’s application.

The new four tiered approach proves optimal for identifying the unique needs of a customer and providing appropriate support. These tiers are Health Checks, Planned Maintenance, Enhanced Warranty and Predictive Maintenance.

A Health Check is an assessment of actuator asset condition relative to design specification and operational use. Through this, we can help the customer to identify the condition of their current assets and suggest an appropriate maintenance plan moving forward.

The Planned Maintenance tier encompasses thorough, intrusive product inspections and pro-active repair management. The data logger and configuration will be benchmarked, environmental O-rings and batteries may be replaced (if necessary) and functional tests (manual, remote and local) will be carried out. Additionally, Planned Maintenance provides access to spare parts as part of our obsolescence programme.

Enhanced Warranty provides an extended warranty period and condition-based monitoring. This encompasses at least two Health Checks a year and a review of historic performance, obtained through data logger interrogation.

The final tier, Predictive Maintenance encompasses everything that the previous tiers provide, with the added provision of identifying

potential problems before they are able to manifest. Data logger records are compared through machine learning and the patterns which occur prior to failures are identified. If these patterns are later identified within functioning actuators, we work with customers to proactively implement mitigation plans.

Dave Godfrey, Rotork’s Services & Aftermarkets Product Manager, commented: “Lifetime Management centres around maximising process uptime and asset availability for our customers. The different levels of support on offer allow our customers to mix and match in order to design a truly bespoke level of support to best match their individual site needs. Having Rotork involved in the management of their assets will allow them to keep up to date with product support and service as their installation base matures.”

Petrofac Successfully Implements SkillsVX

Software for Valaris Petrofac, a leading international service provider to the energy industry, has successfully implemented its SkillsVX learning and competency software for offshore drilling services provider, Valaris, supporting its 7,000 employees globally to manage their learning and competency needs.

The implementation involved integrating data from Valaris’ two legacy organizations, which had deployed two different systems prior to their merger in 2019. Petrofac merged the companies’ training and competency matrices to provide a single platform to manage all of Valaris’ training and competency data consistently across all of its rigs.

SkillsVX is an integrated eLearning, competency and training management software solution. The system maps and manages workforce competency for over 40 companies worldwide and has been designed to meet the specific challenges of safety critical industries. Its six modules offer an efficient, reliable and automated route to mapping, managing and tracking workforce capabilities across multiple projects and locations.

Eliot Doyle, Senior Manager – training and competency, Valaris, said, “Bringing our training, competency and learning management systems together into one platform across our operations has significantly improved efficiencies as well as facilitated compliance.”

Tiemen Van der Linden, Operations Manager, Petrofac, added, “We are pleased to have demonstrated our skill and depth of knowledge in support of Valaris’ training and competency needs. We have received positive feedback since it went live.”

SkillsVX leverages the strength of Petrofac’s broader operations, maintenance, engineering and training experience to deliver effective training and competency management for the oil and gas industry.

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