All Eyes on Local Food!

may be more in the future—pretty much a given. During these unsettling times, a lot of fear has surfaced about so many issues. One of those fears is the fear of losing access to food. This may be a foreign fear to many, perhaps not so foreign to others. As we sheltered in place, we had to weigh the risks of order-


ing delivery or take out and going out to picking up our food. Risk going inside a grocery store to choose what was left on pretty bare shelves. Our food supply scenario changed; the sup- ply was under threat of being interrupted, and that has been scary. So what are some things we can do to help shorten our food chain, to ensure a more resilient supply for ourselves and our

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airy farmers dumping their milk, hog farmers slaughter- ing their stock……it’s a new world, a world of living and adapting to the presence of a threatening virus, and there

families? All eyes were all of a sudden on the local farmer. Local farm-

ers are so crucial to our supply chain and now that we’ve expe- rienced the threat of that assumed consistent supply chain being interrupted, folks are looking for ways to secure a more consistent way to obtain their food. You may want to consider these meth- ods starting from the most local food resource to the most re- moved:

I’m offering early risk detection for diabetes, heart attack and stroke, along with natural solutions to reduce risk.

as you want starting out—like flower pot container gardening, to however large you want to make it. Consider starting small

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Offering early risk detection for diabetes, heart attack and stroke, along with natural solutions to reduce risk.

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Grow your own. This intimidates some people but it does not mean you need a tractor, or a lot of land, or that it has to be your full time job. Farming at home can be as small

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