Do You Speak a Universal Language?

“Ask the questions, take a deep breath and release it to the Universe. Stop thinking about it and engage in the present moment. If you have to think about whether or not it’s a sign or guidance, it’s not. You’re forcing it. If something comes on your radar that sparks a physical reaction – a clear sense of truth – you have your answer.” ~ Stephenie Zamora

Signs can come in all different forms. They can be a tune on

the radio that plays every time you get in your car, or a bird that comes to visit you, or a T-Shirt that someone wears that has just the message you need to hear on it. Don’t discount the signs you do get. Be sure to not disregard

a sign because it doesn’t come to you the way you are expecting it to. Also, watch for patterns. If three people all mention the same book to you over a week’s time, then go check out that book. If you have multiple dreams about tigers then look up the meaning of tigers. Also, watch for unusual happenings. There was a time when

Donna Burick, BCC T

he universe speaks in the language of signs. Whenever I am faced with a decision or something doesn’t feel like it’s flowing correctly, I look for a sign from the Universe as

guidance. But the trick is knowing what to look for and then knowing

what to do once you find it. The thing about signs is they can come from anywhere. They can be small and subtle or very dramatic! So, what’s the process for tuning into the Universe and un-

derstanding what It’s trying to tell you? ASK

The first step is to ask. The act of asking creates awareness

and clarity. You bring something forth that is nagging at you and you clearly ask for direction or discernment. For example, perhaps you are having a struggle with a teen-

ager. You want to micro-manage and they want the freedom to do it however they want to do it. Or maybe you have a decision to make, a move or a new job offer, and you just aren’t quite sure what direction to take. Create a clear question and ask the Universe for guidance.

Ask, “Universe, I’m really struggling with my teenager, please show me a sign that will help me.” Or ask, “Universe I have a decision to make, please show me a clear sign about the direc- tion I should take.”

PAY ATTENTION The asking is usually the easy part. You have something you

are struggling with so it’s very apparent to you. What’s not so apparent is the guidance available to you. Unless you really open yourself up and pay attention. You have to be willing to accept the answers the Universe provides, even if you think you want something else.


I was micromanaging a situation and the more I pushed the worse it seemed to get. I finally asked the Universe for a sign. About 30 minutes later I looked up from my desk and saw a hawk perched right outside my back door, perched on my deck railing. There sat this big, beautiful bird right outside my window just looking at me. Once it had my attention it jumped down to the ground, allowed me to get within a few feet from it, and then it soared away. It didn’t even hardly flap its powerful wings. It just glided away almost effortlessly. Well, I was pretty sure that was the sign I’d asked for since

I have never in my life seen a hawk so up close and personal. And of course, it did come right up to my back door just so I wouldn’t miss that the sign was meant for me. So, the question became, now what? What does this all mean

for my dilemma? Well, the first thing I did was go to my signs book and look up the meaning of a hawk. Hawks are messengers, symbolizing the ability to take a big picture view. So, I had to ask myself, I am really serving this situation by micromanaging it? If I take a big picture view what would that look like in this situation? I immediately knew to trust the situation and all in- volved and took a step back. Of course, it all unfolded perfectly, even without me trying to over control it. Trust the Universe has your back. Ask and then stay present.

You can’t let go and hold on at the same time so don’t try to figure it out, just allow it to show up for you. Believe me, you’ll know when you know.

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