of seasonal allergies by fighting inflammation, which is often linked to allergies.

• Stinging Nettle: While not quite as effective as quercetin alone, stinging nettle does contain elements of quercetin.

• Tinospora cordifolia: Regular use of this plant extract can dramatically reduce allergy symptoms.

• Vitamins C & D: Vitamins and minerals can assist the immune system. Vitamins C and D, in particular, are known to give it a boost, while also helping to repair cells in the body. Major sources of vitamin C include broccoli, brussels sprouts, canta- loupe, kiwi fruit, and citrus fruits. Major sources of vitamin D include salmon, eggs, collards, swordfish, and safe sun expo- sure.

These supplements can be online or through your local well- ness or natural supplement provider.

How to Beat Spring Allergies Naturally In addition to supplements, which can help treat the symp-

toms of allergies, several natural, noninvasive methods are effec- tive at addressing the root of your allergies—so that you can overcome them. One popular treatment for allergies is A/SERT. A/SERT (Allergy/Sensitivity Elimination and Reprogramming

Technique) is a revolutionary allergy treatment that incorporates principles of chiropractic, acupuncture, and applied kinesiology. It works through electromagnetic fields. All things have their own electromagnetic fields, including pollen. When your own energy system interprets a substance as harmful, whether it actually is or not, your energy pathways will freeze up, blocking your en- ergy meridians. To determine what may be causing these blockages, your

wellness provider will place a suspected allergen into your hand. Because fingertips are sensitive to the electromagnetic energy of substances, this will create a reaction. Once the culprit has been detected, your provider will

stimulate key meridian points along the spine using a low-level laser while you hold the allergen. This creates a chemical change in the autonomic nervous system that neutralizes allergic reac- tions. It is, essentially, a reprogramming that eliminates your body’s conditioned response to the allergen.

Make Spring Allergies a Thing of the Past You don't need to spend your whole life depending on

medications to treat—and beat—spring allergies. A simple but intuitive treatment can bring about a dramatic improvement. Stop and smell the roses again—and this time without a big achoo! Don’t suffer with spring allergies like before. Contact your

local wellness provider to treat your symptoms naturally—and even get at the root cause!

Written by Joe Draper, DC of Advance Wellness, 515 College Road, Suite 211, Greensboro. Visit or call 336-316- 0827 for an appointment. See ad on this page.

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