wonderful things springing forth… watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, scratchy throat, and tiredness. It’s time to stop suffering. Let’s look at how to beat spring allergies!


Boost Your Immune System & Reduce Inflammation In the Piedmont Triad, tree pollen usually peaks in April and

grass pollen around May. That’s a long time—during an otherwise pleasant time of year—to be suffering from seasonal allergies. If you have spring allergies, you’ve probably tried everything

to find relief. And you probably have a medicine cabinet full of prescription and over-the-counter allergy medicines to show for it. But did you know there are many supplements that are just as effective for allergy symptoms? We recommend the following natural options for treating spring allergies:

• Butterbur: Butterbur is one of the most researched supple- ments for allergy treatment. It contains a compound that blocks the chemicals that cause nasal swelling.

How to Beat Spring Allergies and Feel Better This Year

• Phleum pratense: This supplement is a pollen extract of the phleum grass. Despite being related to pollen, it has been shown to reduce allergic response.

• Quercetin: This is a natural antihistamine with a lot of sci- entific backing. Quercetin can be used to ease the symptoms

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very year, spring lifts our spirits with warmer days, beauti- ful blooms, singing birds, and all sorts of wonderful things. But if you have spring allergies, there may be many not-so-


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