house arrest for the remainder of his life). New ideas and information are often met with skepticism and resistance. Relevant to our current situation, it's unthinkable but it happened; the man who in the 1800’s discovered that hand washing saves lives, Ignaz Semmelweis, was completely ridi- culed and dismissed and told his idea was “crazy.” Hmmm.. https://www.washington- melweis-handwashing-coronavirus/ Even more interesting is that it is not a new concept by any means. The Chinese call it Qi (pronounced chee), the belief that all natural things grow and are influenced by Qi field. They practiced “growing a root” that opened up communication between the feet and the earth. The Ancient Greeks had their own grounding theory: Antaeus was invincible but only if his feet remained in contact with the earth. Hercules knew this and lifted him off his feet, and strangled him. Native American Luther Standing Bear (notable American chief and author) said: “the old people….walked with bare feet on the sacred Earth. The soil was soothing, strengthening, cleansing, and healing.” (Earthing by Ober, Sinatra M.D., Zucker) Need more modern proof? Athletes

today know about it. The Tour de France American team uses grounding after daily competition and reports better sleep, less illness, almost no tendonitis, faster injury healing and dramatic race recovery each day. Swimmers use it; NFL quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers use it; triathletes use it (Play On: The New Science of Elite Perfor- mance at Any Age by Jeff Bercovicci) Ac- cording to Jeff Spencer, M.A., D.C.; “Earth- ing outperforms icing for athletes injuries” (Earthing Here’s more proof. A scientific study in 2019 ( cles/10.3389/fphys.2019/full) on athletes’ recovery with grounding states, “their re- covery was faster and they had less pro- nounced markers of muscle damage and inflammation.” Deepok Chopra M.D. talks about it on 5/29/17 in the Huffington Post, Dr. Weil talks about it 1/8/13 on www. and the testimonies and data go on and on. So, why aren’t we earthing on a regu-

lar basis? How did we lose direct contact with earth? Well that happened gradually when we went from being barefoot


wearing natural material foot coverings, then started wearing plastic and rubber shoes, which are not electrical conductors

but are electrical insulators and block the electrical energy. Have we grown afraid to walk barefoot on the earth? It’s natural for humans to do, but unfortunately, we have gotten away from it. It’s the simplest thing in the world to do, even if you live in the city. To ground yourself you don’t have to stand on grass, dirt, or sand. It can be con- crete (not sealed or painted), marble or stone. Adding to walking on the earth, walking in the water is even better. Add the element of salt (an added conductor of electricity) and that’s even better—that’s why the beach makes us feel so good. Spend 30-40 minutes if you can, con- nected directly to the Earth. Your feet have more nerve endings per square inch (1300) than any other body part of comparable size. Why? To keep us in touch with the Earth. (Dr. William Rossi Earthing by Ober, Sinatra, Zucker.) Some of the benefits of earthing: better

sleep, all the benefits we listed above for athletes, less inflammation (this can ben- efit MANY diseases like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes). It helps with increased immunity, anti-aging, more en- ergy, heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, weight loss, stress and pain, protection from EMF’S (electromagnetic fields that come from all of our electrical devices like cell phones, computers, etc.) and the list continues. Local physician, Elizabeth Vaughan,

M.D., of Natural Vitality Center in Greens- boro, ( encourages her clients to practice earthing and says, “there is no question that people (her patients) benefit from it. One lady hadn’t slept most of her adult life; she slept in grounding sheets and slept for the first time in de- cades.” She also mentions for even more benefit, enhance your earthing practice with meditation or yoga, choose positive thinking and focus on your blessings….the habit of grounding can change your life! She says the practice of earthing puts en- ergy into a diseased body and helps the body balance itself. Another local physi- cian, Dr. Bruce Lantelme M.D. at Robin- hood Integrative Health in Winston Salem, also “recommends grounding/earthing for their chronically ill patients with Lyme disease, mold exposure, chronic fatigue and for Brain Save patients (Alzheimer prevention and reversal course).” So perhaps you noticed Dr. Vaughan mentioned earthing “sheets". Yes there is a whole other method of earthing, which is indoor grounding. Now, when you first

realize what we are talking about your reaction may be “wait a minute, walking around barefoot outdoors for 30 minutes is one thing but you are suggesting WHAT?” Indoor grounding involves you, laying on a mat or in sheets or with a strap on your arm or leg. The fabric of the strap has either silver or stainless steel running through it, and a connector cord is attached and either is plugged into the grounding outlet in your home OR a longer cord is run out the window sill, and connected to a grounding rod outside your home. I know, when I read that I was OUT too! But it is NOT what it sounds like, without getting too technical into electricity, we’ll try to explain how this is actually not a crazy thing to do. After interviewing at length a career

electrician who has worked professionally for 51 years and also taught electricity in an academic setting for 31 years, it became more clear how indoor grounding is not the dangerous situation one may think. First of all, the bottom small (third) hole in your electrical outlet is the grounding hole…. that is where you would plug your cord in if you chose to plug it inside. Before you would do this, when you purchase indoor grounding equipment it comes with (or you would purchase separately) a small hand

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