It's Electric!

large majority of people do not understand that they are electrical beings and the Earth is an electrical planet. If one has a heart problem, what kind of test do they run? An EKG, electrocardio- gram. Why? Because our heart pumps via electrical energy from deep inside. When we run electricity into a home, we have to implement grounding devices and electrical trips. Why? Because the Earth itself is electrical, emanating from deep within its mol- ten core; as the molten core sloshes around, it creates electrical currents. So if we scientifically know without a doubt that the Earth is


an electrical entity, and we scientifically know without a doubt that our bodies are electrical entities, why do humans resist the information that by simply placing bare skin on the Earth’s surface, we can potentially improve much of what ails us? Let’s start with some simple facts about electricity. “Anytime

you have two conductor objects that make contact, like bare feet and the ground, electrons will flow from where they are abundant to the place where there are fewer of them. That is grounding.” (Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? by Clinton

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arthing, sometimes called grounding, for better health is for some a difficult “notion” to believe. Difficult because it’s so simple? Or so complex? Or difficult to believe because a

Ober, Stephen Sinatra M.D., Martin Zucker) What does that re- ally mean? Unless you study electricity (fascinating and intricate sub- ject!), for the rest of us, what does that mean exactly in regards to grounding? The Earth has an endless supply of negatively charged electrons. At the core of inflammation, which causes tissue destruction and disease in the human body, are free radicals, which are positively charged molecules. Earthing reduces or neutralizes the positive-charged free radical molecules, in essence putting out the inflammation fire. (Earthing, Obor, Sinatra M.D., Zucker) Chronic inflammation is believed to be responsible for at least 80 of our modern health diseases/conditions (The Inflam- mation Cure, William Meggs M.D.). This grounding has positive effects on the human body that science is finally beginning to really stand behind. (It’s taken a while). Let’s be clear, grounding or earthing does not “heal” us. But

it does provide the pathway for reduced inflammation which can certainly promote and foster healing. In the course of research for this article, there is study after study and much research support- ing the “claims” of the benefits of grounding. So why are people so resistant to the idea? Well, poor Galileo was almost jailed for telling folks that the Earth revolves around the sun (he was put on

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I’m offering early risk detection for diabetes, heart attack and stroke, along with natural solutions to reduce risk.

Go Ground Yourself!

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