contaminated tap water—contribute to our total body load.

• Food and environmental allergies wear us down and create an imbalance in our bodies. • Medications contribute as well.

• Internal toxins and damage to the immune system compro- mise the health of those with autoimmune disease, mold illness, Lyme, or Epstein Barr Virus.

• The health of individuals with hormonal imbalances or metabolic toxins that that are not processed correctly is com- promised. Any hypothyroidism contributes to significant im- munocompromise, according to Dr. Thomas Levy.

So, Here’s the Key Question: What is Your Total Body Burden? How healthy were you before this pandemic arrived? That is

what is going to determine how well you respond to the virus. Some people must be more careful to avoid the virus and take more supplements to improve their ability to fight off and limit damage from SARS-CoV-2.

Anything that you can do to clean up your environment

and your body will reduce the load that your body is carrying and increase your margin and your resilience.

How Stressed Are You? Insomnia. Isolation. Loneliness. Hostility. Fear. We now have

a double-dose due to the pandemic. Here’s a newsflash: increased fear and stress compromise your immune system and make you

• Establish a routine if you are out of work. Routines are com- forting. Read a book. Find a new recipe to try in the kitchen. Reacquaint yourself with that musical instrument that’s been

The Center for Integrative Medicine

at Wake Forest Baptist Health is offering a series of courses in

Courses are open to healthcare professionals, the community and all people committed to studying the Art of Healing.

The Art of Healing & Touch Beyond the basics of science, is the mystery of healing, which takes place in the presence of an authentically kind and caring human being.

Come be a part of bringing the ancient ways of healing forward into today’s modern world of medicine

For course dates, fees and to register, please visit:


even more of a sitting duck if you get exposed to the virus! We get the occasional stories of heroism and generosity, but

the bulk of what we see and hear may generate a lot of fear and anxiety. Yes, everyone needs to be very respectful of the SARS- CoV-2 virus and observe the recommended lifestyle modifications to mitigate its spread, but fear doesn’t help anybody. Reduce your fears any way that works for you:

• Stop watching TV news. Choose when and where you want to get your information about SARS-CoV-2 and your communi- ties’ response to the pandemic. Limit your exposure daily. Get information from your local paper, not TV. You can limit your exposure to scary stories more easily by reading than by watch- ing TV. Instead, use the TV to watch uplifting and funny movies and programs.

• Meditate and/or practice mindfulness. Try yoga if you can’t get your brain to calm down. Go for a meditative walk outside. Keep a gratitude journal. Connect with your higher power every day. Say grace at each meal.

• Unplug. I know it seems like it, but everything is NOT online now. When was the last time you were able to put your life on pause? How many times have you wished that you had a bit more downtime to focus on what’s important in your life? You have it right now. Take advantage of it. Learn a new language, pick up an old or new hobby, be a better parent.


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