• Vitamin B6 (100 mg a day) —- white blood cell production

• Vitamin C (3,000+ mg a day) — neu- trophil and lymphocyte boosting

• Flavonoids (2,000+ mg a day) — neu- trophil boosting

• Vitamin D (5,000-10,000 IUs a day) — monocyte and lymphocyte boosting

• Zinc (50-100 mg a day) — monocyte and lymphocyte boosting

Supplements aren’t the only way to build up vitamin levels in your body. A healthy plant-based diet with lean meats can also give your immune system the tools it needs to fight invaders. Here are the ways you can work the necessary immune sys- tem-boosting vitamins into your daily diet:

• Vitamin A: collards, carrots, red pep- pers, spinach, romaine lettuce

• Vitamin E: red peppers, broccoli, but- ternut squash, beet greens

• Vitamin B6: avocados, brown rice, car- rots, fish, hazelnuts

• Vitamin C: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cantaloupe, Kiwi fruit, citrus fruits

• Flavonoids: herbal teas, citrus fruits, berries, apples, peas

• Zinc: meat, eggs, nuts, seeds

• Vitamin D: salmon, eggs, collards, swordfish (And, of course, you can also get vitamin D from being safely outside in the sunshine!)

Other dietary guidelines to follow in- clude cutting sugar, soy, dairy, and gluten out of your diet, as they can increase your body’s inflammatory response. Avoiding sugar is especially important for building healthy neutrophils.

Other Ways to Fight Infections Good nutrition and supplementation are critical to a healthy immune system, but there are other strategies you can em- ploy as well. Good sleep is always impor- tant in helping your body run optimally. You should try to get around 7-8 hours in a night (12-13 for children). Other relaxation methods are also recommended. Practicing yoga, praying, meditating or just taking a walk can reduce stress in your body. These days, probably the best thing you can do is simply turn off the news! Stress reduction is important because stress can actually lower your body’s resistance to infection. Your body also runs better when it’s

well hydrated. So, drink lots of water (pref- erably at room temperature). If you do get sick, drinking plenty of water will be criti- cal to helping your body heal from the illness. If you’re a smoker or you vape, you’re at high risk for complications if you end up developing COVID-19. So, if you’ve been considering quitting, now’s the time!

Homemade Remedies That Help Herbal teas and bone broth may sound like the height of comfort, but their health benefits have hard science behind them. Studies have found that bone broth may reduce inflammation in the body. Mean- while, the flavonoids in tea are known to have powerful antioxidants that provide anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits.

Another remedy that can help you fight

off invaders is hydrogen peroxide. You can use it to gently swab your ears and the inside of your nostrils. (Don’t push too far.) You can also gargle with hydrogen perox- ide to clean out your mouth. Just don’t swallow it!

Infection Fighting Is a 24/7 Job Your immune system never rests.

Whether you’re asleep or awake, it’s on alert against invaders, working to protect you from all sorts of nasty illnesses. Be- cause it doesn’t take a break, neither should you.

Strategies like supplementation, good nutrition, and home remedies are impor- tant right now during a pandemic. But they’ll be just as important when the cur- rent crisis is over. Make the care and feed- ing of your immune system a priority from here on out. Your immune system will thank you!

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