not be too surprising, as Mediterranean countries have some of the longest life spans on the planet and they have lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, memory loss, cancer, and obesity than nearly all other western countries. The people of Spain, who follow the Mediterranean diet perhaps the closest, have the longest lifespan and the best health of any country in the Western world, and are anticipated to surpass Japan for longest lived country on the planet by 2030. Considering all these benefits, I felt compelled to write a

erythrocyte dehydration. In general, opti- mal balances of electrolytes are necessary to maintain the best possible hydration. Diabetic thirst is initiated specifically by magnesium deficiency with relative cal- cium excess in the cells. Even water, our most basic nutrient starts having a hard time getting into the cells with more going out through the kidneys.

book, The Mediterranean Method, to help promote this eating plan and to make it simple to follow. The research included read- ing nearly 1,000 scientific journal articles, plus, my wife Nicole and I bought a sailboat in Europe with the goal to evaluate the food, lifestyle, and health habits of people living on the Mediter- ranean Sea. We spent 10 months sailing from Spain to Turkey during the spring and summers of 2018 and 2019. We followed the coastline along Spain, France, Corsica, western Italy, across to Greece and through the Cyclade Islands, and on to Turkey. We visited small ports, food markets, mom and pop family run restaurants, and searched for regional recipes that were easy to prepare, delicious, and healthy. What was amazing was how inexpensive and delicious the food was. And how opinionated locals were about how to prepare a dish within each region. Whether one worked in a food market, at a gas station, or drove a taxi, everyone cared about what ingredients went into local dishes and how they were prepared. Let's look more closely at the top three health benefits from following a Mediterranean Diet:

Autism and Magnesium Deficiency When dealing with autism spectrum and other neurological disorders in chil- dren it is important to know the signs of low magnesium: restless, can't keep still, body rocking, grinding teeth, hiccups, noise sensitive, poor attention span, poor concentration, irritable, aggressive, ready

Clinical Transpersonal Hypnosis for Mind, Body, Spirit

Weight Reduction, Smoking Cessation, Better Sleep, Alleviate Fears, Stress Reduction, Pain Reduction, Spiritual Awareness, and Soul Entrainment

1. Better Weight Control 2. Reverse and Prevent Heart Disease 3. Improve Cognitive Function and Prevent Memory Loss

Robert M. Merlin, BA, BCH, CI, CNLP, PLRT, LBLT, SEP, CMH, MHT

• Complementary Medical Hypnotist • Board Certified Master Hypnotist

Better Weight Control In 2016, Dr. Joseph Mancini and his colleagues evaluated

• Board Certified Hypnosis Instructor • Board Certified in Past Life Regression • Board Certified NLP Practitioner

five randomized weight-loss trials with more than 1,000 subjects on various dietary regimens including low-fat, low-carb, and Mediterranean. These subjects were followed for at least 12 months, a meaningful length of time given most people lose weight in the short term and regain it later. The research found that the Mediterranean Diet was more effective than the low-fat diet, and equally as effective as a low-carb diet over the long- term. What's more, they concluded that those following the Mediterranean Diet not only lost weight, but they had the best improvements in lipid and metabolic profile. The typical weight loss ranged from 10 to 22 pounds lost throughout the 12-months.

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Preventing Heart Disease Heart disease remains the #1 killer for men and women,

even though studies have shown we can prevent 90 percent of heart disease with the right lifestyle changes--our biggest chal- lenge is finding a diet and lifestyle that people are willing to follow long-term. In 2003, the Greek EPIC trial showed that the closer subjects

followed a Mediterranean eating plan, the lower their rate of cardiovascular events. Subsequent studies have shown that the closer people living outside the Mediterranean follow this same

Sustainable Organic Solutions supporting a chemical-free environment

Need a results-oriented nutritional health coach? We provide strategies & counseling for healthier living and customize plans to your specific health needs.

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Functional Health Gentle Chiropractic Care

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I’m offering early risk detection for diabetes, heart attack and stroke, along with natural solutions to reduce risk.

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It won similar awards in 2018 and 2019. These honors should

3) Because most children on the spec- trum are not absorbing the minerals they need even when present in the gut. Magnesium absorption is dependent on intestinal health, which is compromised totally in leaky gut syndromes and other intestinal problems that the majority of autism syndrome disorders.

4) Because the oral supplements doctors rely on are not easily absorbed, because they are not in the right form and be- cause magnesium in general is not ad- ministered easily orally.

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Modern medicine is supposed to help people not hurt them, but with their almost

Need a results-oriented nutritional health coach? We provide strategies & counseling for healthier living and customize plans to your specific health needs.

reason ignorance and arrogance rule the playing field of medicine is a greed lust for power and money. Human nature seems to be at its worst in modern medicine when it should be at its best. It is sad that people have to suffer needlessly and extraordi- narily tragic that allopathic medicine has turned its back on the Hippocratic Oath and all that it means.

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