3. Nutrition. The modern American mantra is: “Supersize me!” And as a result, we have a supersized population with a whole host of health problems, including increased risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, joint and mobility problems, a lowered immune response, and poor bowel and colon functioning. Along with this fast-food mentality also comes a shocking lack of nutri- ents. Consider these statistics: • 20% of the U.S population never eats vegetables • 0% rarely consumes fruit or fruit juices • 80% never consumes whole grains or high-fiber foods

But diet isn’t the only problem. The standard American diet contains food grown in depleted soils. As a result, most Americans are nutrient deficient. That’s why, after testing the vitamin and mineral levels of each of our patients, 99% of people require supplementation. Chances are, you do too.

4. Emotion. If you suffer from depression, stress, or anxiety, you know the toll it can take on your body. Many of your physical problems are tied to your emotions. That’s why it’s an important part of your whole health to clear out emotions that negatively impact your body and mind. Research has shown that the reaction between the mind and

body is complex. It results in chemical reactions in the brain and cells that produce energy made of electrical and magnetic nerve signals. That means your emotions literally have a frequency. Successful treatments can include color therapy, neurolinguistic programming, emotional release therapy, and behavior modifica- tion techniques.

5. Detoxification. Pollution is all around us… and in us. Not only do we inhale chemicals from exhaust and cigarette smoke, we also consume pesticides and artificial additives in our food. The accumulation of these toxins can cause the mutation and death of cells, making a person feel very sick. But because exposure to these toxins is not always blatantly obvious, it can be hard to pinpoint the cause of an illness. A variety of detoxification tech- niques can reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in the body, such as a foot bath. This special soaking method has been proven in clinical trials to balance and restore the body’s Ph and electro- magnetic energy. Healing lasers and frequency modulation can also help move toxins out of the tissues and to enhance your body’s ability to flush them out.

6. Allergy & Sensitivity. You may think your allergies or chemical and food sensitivities are problems you have to live with. But you can overcome them! Don’t spend your whole life on medications or in avoidance. Once you determine your root problems, you can train your body to respond differently, reducing sometimes life-long allergy symptoms.

The Keys to Wellness Await You Proven therapies and physician-grade supplements can help

you find the keys that will unlock chronic health problems and regain optimum health and wellness.

Submitted by Dr. Draper of Advance Wellness, 515 College Road, Suite 11, Greensboro. Visit or call 336-316-0827 for an appointment. See ad on this page.


Dr. Blair Wisco, a clinical psychologist at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, is recruiting participants for a research study. This research study examines emotional and physical reactions to memories of traumatic experiences.

You must...

• Be age 18 or older • Be able to read and write in English • Complete the pre-screening

The study involves...

• 2 lab visits (5 total hours of participation) • Interviews and questionnaires about your emotions and life experiences • A cardiac monitor and saliva samples • Compensation totaling $60 upon completion of both sessions

INTERESTED? Contact or

336.256-0031 to receive the pre-screening. March 2020


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