more natural, less or no pesticides, native plants, all working together in harmony. Perhaps our days of endless rows of to- bacco, soybeans and cotton are close to be being over. (Accord- ing to an article in the News and Observer March 24, 2017, only 43 percent of farms in NC had any net gains or made any money between 2007 and 2012 and the number of farms in NC is steadily declining at a rapid rate.) The “New” Farmers are stepping in and stepping up, choosing a life outdoors and choosing a life that betters ours and our children’s. How can you support sustainable farming and access clean,

healthy, responsibly produced vegetables, herbs and meats? Here are a few ideas and be sure to check out our next article in April featuring another “New” up and coming farming couple!

• Support local farmers like Stesha and Jeremy, their two busi- nesses from their farms are Eliana’s Garden www.elianasgarden. com and Eliana’s Canna or visit them on Facebook

• Visit your local farmers market: -The Corner Market In Greensboro 2200 Walker Ave. Sat. 9-12 (Eliana’s Garden and Eliana’s Canna has a booth)

-Piedmont Triad Farmers Market in Colfax check website for days/times

-Greensboro Farmers Curb Market 501 Yanceyville St. Sat. 7am- 12

-Downtown Farm Market 505 N. Green St. check website open most days

• Ask grocers, restaurants; “Where does your food come from, is any of it local and what do they mean by local (local is not from

somewhere in N. America) • Attend upcoming events at local farms such as farm tours etc:

-Eliana’s Garden Foraging Camp 2 day event August 8-9th. See website for registration: or visit on Facebook

-Good Steward’s of Rockingham County and Eliana’s Garden fundraiser guided tour of the Mayo River on Aug. 1. See website for registration: or visit them on Face- book

• Support restaurants and grocers that use local produce (Lucky 32 in Greensboro, Lowes Foods lists where the food comes from for some of theirs, Deep Roots Market

• visit Upick strawberry and blueberry fields etc. such as Bugle Boy Blueberry Farm in Summerfield and Apple Farm in Gibsonville, you can find them on Facebook

• check out your local community college, Stesha teaches forag- ing and Multi Story Crop Classes as well as others at Rockingham Community College

JoAndra (Jo) Proia is the monthly Outdoor Writer for Natural Triad. Her nature writing and poetry have been published in several outdoor magazines and she published her first guidebook “Piedmont Lakes” in the spring of 2017. She founded Women on the Water (women’s kayaking and SUP instruction) in Greensboro in 2011 and is an ACA Certified Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle- board Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Water Fitness Instructor at Spears YMCA and Outdoor Guide. She can be reached at jo.proia@

The Center for Integrative Medicine

at Wake Forest Baptist Health is offering a series of courses in

Courses are open to healthcare professionals, the community and all people committed to studying the Art of Healing.

The Art of Healing & Touch Beyond the basics of science, is the mystery of healing, which takes place in the presence of an authentically kind and caring human being.

Come be a part of bringing the ancient ways of healing forward into today’s modern world of medicine

For course dates, fees and to register, please visit:


March 2020


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