Balance Rx© A Holistic Integrative Medical Paradigm

What is the difference between a Program and Paradigm? To further help in your understanding, a program is something that is written and put forth, and a paradigm is a model of example. So, what we need to consider in context is the example of the ‘Balance Rx©’ that is now being written out, and how this may serve you as an illustration of what is to be expected. When I sit down with a patient, I am pondering on three key

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by your vision! Work at this with earnest endeavor and bring into the visible, from the invisible, that which has been imagined. The most beautiful part of this journey is that your efforts will be met with unexpected success. A most eloquent summation of:

Do your best, and God will take care of the rest. ~ Chauncey Depew

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February 2020 9 gentle We now arrive at the explication of one way that over almost

The foundation of medical arrogance is actually medical ignorance and the only reason ignorance and arrogance rule the playing field of medicine is a greed lust for power and money. Human nature seems to be at its worst in modern medicine when it should be at its best. It is sad that people have to suffer needlessly and extraordi- narily tragic that allopathic medicine has turned its back on the Hippocratic Oath and all that it means.

20 years of clinical practice and experience, I have found emi- nently useful. As you have seen, I lay great emphasis on the balance of the analysis and implementation of the findings into a canvas that allows progress towards healing on all levels of one’s Biological Footprint. I will now outline the process we use in our clinic which I am hopeful will be helpful for you as a paradigm to serve as a guide on your journey as you make a packing list for your itinerary. So get ready to pack your suitcase!

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1. What the patient I am with is telling me regarding their situ- ation and/or problems 2. What I see and discern, in the context of their story 3. Any lab work, imaging or other testing

This forms the entry point to the ongoing encounter and the formulation of a program of balance that is unique to that par- ticular person. While many solutions aim for Root Cause Resolu- tion (RCR), I firmly believe that the balance between one’s Bio- logical Footprint and Nature’s Template is implicit not only for RCR, but for ONGOING Resolution of the problem(s). So I have included this concept in what we try to achieve, which is Root Cause Resolution & Balance (RCR&B©). In fact, I now do not talk about the concept of guiding an

individual to resolution of whatever issues they are dealing with. Rather, we talk about and move towards a unique point of bal- ance for that individual that may/not include full RCR. This perspective allows for a realistic outcome and expectations on behalf of the patient and the provider.

I’m offering early risk detection for diabetes, heart attack and stroke, along with natural solutions to reduce risk.

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