the positive and “see” what meaning you create.

In the late for lunch example, you might “see” that your friend gave you the gift of a few minutes to ground yourself and appreciate all the beauty that is sur- rounding you in the restaurant. Or you might “see” that perhaps by her being late she is shifting the time you would have left the restaurant, thus allowing you to avoid an accident. Notice all the positive things the love glasses allow you to bring into your focus; how they change the meaning of this event for you. Can you imagine doing this exercise successfully? If so, then that’s proof to you that the event is not the cause. If the event was the cause then it’s meaning wouldn’t be variable. Just the fact that you are able to “see” it in a different light means that you have the power to create the effect by choosing which set of glasses to look through.

The more you use these magical glasses, the stronger they become. The more you use these magical glasses, the stronger they become. Unfor- tunately, most of us have been using our magical fear glasses for years so they feel the most comfortable. We may not like what we see but, by golly, we see it clearly so that’s what we keep looking at. For those of you who wear non-met- aphorical glasses you know that there is a period of adjustment when getting a new prescription. Even if the new prescription is a better fit than your old pair, it still feels uncomfortable for a short while until your eyesight realigns with your new vision.

Long-term happiness is worth short-term discomfort.

Long-term happiness is worth short- term discomfort. Remember that as you get used to your new glasses. You won’t be as comfortable or as skilled in looking through the lenses of love when events pop into your life, yet that shouldn’t dis- suade you. Just keep reminding yourself that short-term discomfort is not a reason to bail on long-term happiness. Creating a life you love is worth prac- ticing seeing the world through the eyes of love because your vision becomes a feedback loop. The more you can prove to yourself that how you see the world is true for you, the more it becomes true.

Donna Burick, BCC Right now I expect

you have lots of proof that your life is some- thing you should fear; something that has a lot of negative people and events in it that cause you to feel scared, anxious, or unloved. But I am giving you the gift of a new pair of glasses; magical glasses that will transform what you see into a life you love, if you’d only wear them consistently. The choice is always yours. My wish

for you is that you are willing to see your- self living in a Universe that has your back – that is always conspiring to love and support you in all ways. Give yourself this gift of true sight and you’ll be amazed at all the miracles that are right in front of you that you just never saw before.

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