I am able to outline and formulate a program for a particular

individual. Although, oftentimes the variables of that individual’s effort, and Love’s intention for that individual can only unfold and be determined with time. The process of formulation of each unique program goes through four steps that I will share with you.

Part 1

Next we do an analysis of all data including lab work, imag-

ing and any other information that is pertinent to the case. What follows then is a discussion and presentation of what I determine to be the patient’s main issues and problems. Finally, we discuss and act on a comprehensive solution with various options unique to each individual. This then serves as a fulcrum to make a start.

Part 2

We start with a ROF (Review of Findings). This consists of

an evaluation and assessment done in the context of an office visit where:

• We review the completed Intake Questionnaire. • I meaningfully discuss the prospective patient’s case with them. • A comprehensive examination of the patient is done.

Here, over time, and at the initial consultation the following

are reviewed: • The various sections of each of the ‘7 Keys’ • The segments of each Key

This forms the framework for: 1. Discussion of which sections and segment(s) are the most pertinent to this individual.


Dr. Blair Wisco, a clinical psychologist at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, is recruiting participants for a research study. This research study examines emotional and physical reactions to memories of traumatic experiences.

You must...

• Be age 18 or older • Be able to read and write in English • Complete the pre-screening

The study involves...

• 2 lab visits (5 total hours of participation) • Interviews and questionnaires about your emotions and life experiences • A cardiac monitor and saliva samples • Compensation totaling $60 upon completion of both sessions

INTERESTED? Contact or 10

336.256-0031 to receive the pre-screening.

This part serves as a launchpad for the RCR&B (Root Cause Resolution & Balance). Between three to twelve months, and depending on the number and the severity of the RCP (Root Cause Problem[s]), the following occurs:

Clinical Clinical consists of serial office visits, where over the course

of time, the various problems are addressed and balanced by my staff, and me.

2. Ongoing education with respect to where, as a team, we need to focus to achieve the goal of RCR&B© (Root Cause Resolution & Balance).

Part 3

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