Round Up Gloucester Rugby 58% revenue growth Gloucester Rugby parties 2019 winter season.

increase in bookings Christmas


saw 58% for its

80% of

the new bookings for Christmas parties came from new clients. The increased revenue during the Christmas

been a direct result of changes in Gloucester


period has sales

strategy and positioning of the Conference & Events business. Over the last year, Gloucester

Rugby has focused on increasing the

professionalism of the

venue’s sales processes, whilst investing more in the conferencing and events department, WiFi and overall venue infrastructure. The changes, many of which have been implemented following growth in the conferencing and events team under Angela Sanders, have not only led to previously announced 58% increase in delegate footfall but also an increase in Christmas party revenues. “Key factors in the increased revenues and substantial growth in business from new sources were our decision to open

bookings earlier and offer themed Christmas events,” comments Angela Sanders, Head

of Conferencing

and Events at Gloucester Rugby. “We are so pleased to see that

the changes we

put in place have truly paid off and have given us such positive results. Opening our availability for


parties months earlier than previous years made a substantial difference and ensured that this year, we were fully booked much earlier than ever before. The introduction of

a choice between a traditional or themed event has also helped us to stand out against other venues as it offers a more enjoyable and engaging experience. Our success is already delivering enquiries for 2020.” “Just wanted to say what an excellent evening we had.


food and service were outstand- ing. A couple of our directors have

been out and about

lately, and they’ve said this was far superior to all of the venues they have attended.”


tion sector client. Since the rebranding of Gloucester Rugby in 2018,

been a large increase in engagement on social media and various digital channels, as well as wider advertising, PR and

sales activity driven by the Gloucester Rugby sales, marketing and communications teams. This has helped to promote and give more attention to the conference and events side of the venue, including Christmas parties.

CHSA’s new advert spotlights Accredited Members

Focusing attention on its work

to maintain

in the industry, the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association’s (CHSA) new advert spotlights Accreditation

standards members.

Proving the strength and depth in the membership, the names of members of the Accreditation Schemes for Distributors and Manufacturers

of Schemes ensure

Accreditation standards

Distributors. Any that did not apply to join and successfully pass the auditing process in 2019 are no longer members of the CHSA and cannot use the CHSA logo. All members of the CHSA

Soft Tissue,

Plastic Refuse Sacks and industrial Cotton Mop form the Scheme logo. The CHSA’s


the industry are maintained, guaranteeing “what’s on the box is what’s in the box.”. Our Standards: Your Guarantee. Gaining Accreditation is a challenging. Applicants must successfully pass an inspection carried out by the Schemes’ Independent Auditor.

He assesses the

relevant products, confirming whether or not they conform to the Standards set out

8 FSM for the relevant Accreditation Scheme. In

the case of distributors, they must either supply CHSA Accredited product or product proven to meet the same stipulated standards that apply to product from the relevant Manufacturing Scheme Standard. As of 1 January 2020, all distributor members of the CHSA are now Accredited

must also conform to the Association’s rigorous Code of Practice, which demands an ethical and responsible approach

to business, there has


more importantly, that product labelling provides full and accurate dimensions and quantities.

“The CHSA stands up for standards,” said Lorcan

Mekitarian, Chairman of the CHSA. “Our Accreditation Schemes provide the guarantee buyers of cleaning and hygiene products need – you get what you pay for. Naming every Scheme member in the advert is the perfect way to highlight the members and spotlight their contribution to maintaining standards.”

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