News, Products, Services Actis renews its partnership with LABC for a third year

Insulation specialist Actis has renewed its partnership with LABC for a third time after two successful years as sponsor.

The two organisations are looking forward to helping other industry members gain greater insight into thermal efficiency thanks, in part, to their incredibly successful roving monthly technical seminars.

The CPD sessions Actis presents at all the LABC roadshows around the country have been extremely popular - so much so that 2020 will see the launch of a new, follow up module.

Revisions to Part L expected in 2020 are also likely to form a major plank of the LABC and Actis roadshow messages in the coming year.

Actis will continue to take part in LABC’s much-lauded regional awards ceremonies and will play a key role in its annual conference in March.

LABC has seen growing take up of its regional roadshows over the past two years, with many events now oversubscribed, necessitating earlier booking from the builders, building control surveyors, architects and specifiers for whom they are designed.

LABC head of business development, Anna Thompson, said: “We are delighted that Actis will continue to be one of our main sponsors for the coming year.

“Over the past two years we have developed an excellent mutually beneficial relationship which has

ACTIS TEL: 01249 462888

Facilities Managers urged to scrutinise internal fire curtains

Facilities Managers tasked with overseeing the safe operation of large commercial buildings, are being urged to reconsider their approach to overseeing internal fire curtains.

The advice comes from an industry expert, who claims that many are still unaware of the legislation and maintenance requirements of the potentially life-saving product category.

Chris Jones, Head of Service at Coopers Fire, said: “Facilities Managers around the world remain unaware that a British standard and the only global dedicated standard for the specification, installation and maintenance of fire curtains exists. This leaves many at risk of being left out of their depth should a fire break out in their building.”

The British Standard BS 8524 was first released in 2013 and comprises two parts: Part 1 for the specification of the fire curtain, and Part 2 for its installation and ongoing maintenance. According to Chris Jones, greater awareness of this standard is needed to ensure only the highest quality of products are installed and that a suitable maintenance regime is in place.

Chris Jones continued: “BS 8524 makes the importance of ongoing maintenance very clear, however as a product category which is the epitome of ‘out of sight, out of mind’, most facilities managers


quite understandably live in hope that they will never see a fire curtain in action. Unfortunately, that mindset becomes flawed as soon as they realise that it contradicts best practice.”

By reviewing their fire curtain provision, facilities managers also have the opportunity to identify the areas of a building that may benefit from some of the more innovative concepts to have entered the market. The Coopers Fire ResQ-Window™, for example, allows building occupants and first responders to see through the curtain after it has been deployed - potentially saving precious time during a building evacuation.

Chris Jones concluded: As a fully compliant, translucent fireproof panel, the ResQ-Window™ is a concept capable of making a massive difference in areas of a building which need to be assessed prior to entry. A fire curtain with a vision panel is perfect for lift openings and lobbies, as well as escape routes incorporating doorways and corridors - and can also be retrofitted to existing fire curtain installations. This is exactly the type of technology that Facilities Managers stand to benefit from when it comes to managing passive fire protection within a building.”

helped to raise understanding of the work of both organisations throughout the construction industry, particularly our mutual goal of closing the thermal performance gap.

“We are looking forward to 2020 and the challenges of the new Part L and already have a dozen of our popular free breakfast technical updates in the pipeline.”

Actis UK and Ireland sales director, Mark Cooper, added: “We’re thrilled about our continued partnership with the LABC which provides us with an excellent opportunity to share our technical expertise with colleagues across the construction industry.”

The CE marked Actis Hybrid range has LABC and LABSS registered details, LABC Warranty and Premier


New Director appointments set future course for IKO

Guarantee approval and are accepted by the NHBC when used in accordance with the certification.

The range’s four insulation, vapour control and breather membrane products have been praised by architects, builders, specifiers and installers for their cleanliness, ease and speed of installation, lack of waste, lightness and ease of transportation as well as their impressive thermal performance.

You can see Actis at the forthcoming Lancashire LABC CPD event in Preston on 27th February. Register at:

Building Products manufacturer IKO PLC has announced the appointment of Kerry Parker-Wray and Amanda Flynn to the Board of Directors of the UK business.

Kerry Parker-Wray, with a background in marketing and key account management takes on the role of Strategic Development Director while HR specialist Amanda Flynn becomes Business Services Director.

Both appointments are internal promotions and signal a renewed focus on developing the strategy for the long-term development of the IKO business in the UK.

“With its UK manufacturing and unrivalled technical expertise, IKO has a huge amount to offer”, summarises Kerry Parker-Wray.

“The way the market operates is changing and we need to be ahead of


the curve. Supplying the best quality products is no longer enough and our task is to build the really strong strategic partnerships with our customers that will direct both our product development and the overall direction of the company.”

Amanda Flynn is equally positive: “I am looking forward to driving the company forward; building on our successes while also looking at areas where we can enhance our customer service offering. I am confident we can build an even stronger business for our customers and colleagues.”

With Kerry Parker-Wray focused on external relationships and Amanda Flynn concentrating on developing the internal systems to provide first- class support, the company is well positioned to provide the seamless delivery that is at the heart of its promise.

TEL: 01257 255771 WWW.IKOGROUP.CO.UK

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