One such example comes from a grocery store in the US where IOBAC magnetic flooring was installed. While the main thoroughfare of the aisles had become worn out, the flooring beneath the gondolas remained in near perfect condition. As such, floor tiles from the aisle were quickly and easily swapped with those under the gondolas, thus refreshing the look and feel of the store while increasing the lifecycle of the floor.

And with MagTabs, in the case of a complete re-fit, the process is a clean one, leaving behind no residue or contamination. These tiles can then be taken away and used elsewhere or sustainably recycled, which is crucial in today’s environmentally conscious society. It also comes with an added ongoing tax saving due to the top surface being classed as removable, which is a handy bonus for store and facility managers.

Magnetic attraction through design freedom

When it comes to flooring, rarely does one size fit all, especially in the retail sector. For supermarkets’ main concourses, for instance, a more hard-wearing finish is preferable, whereas areas where customers are more likely to stop and take in their surroundings - like cafés and checkouts - need to have more of an aesthetic quality.

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MagTabs’ compatibility with multiple floor surface types - magnetically-backed or not - offers design agility and means flooring can be regularly and easily updated to remain in-keeping with different occasions - Christmas and Easter, for example - or different marketing campaigns and pop-up spaces.

Moreover, being able to flexibly and regularly change displays, fittings and spaces is central to creating innovative experiences that keep an organisation’s brand relevant.

Adapt or die

It’s undoubtedly a tricky time for retail stores. Just recently the Independent declared that we’re ‘witnessing the death of the high street’ following news that Philip Green’s Arcadia empire was safe from bankruptcy, but not without big job losses at its head office. While I think that’s somewhat of an overstatement, the message is plain for all to see: retail stores must adapt or die. Shoppers, more than ever, need to be enticed into store. Unique, experiential interior design is one way of doing this and retail stores’ flooring is central to achieving it. Besides the aesthetic benefits, retail stores can also ill-afford costly installs, prolonged downtime and unenvironmentally-friendly solutions. For all of these reasons and more, we’re committed to altering people’s understanding of what flooring is and what can be done with it, but never at the expense of business results. We believe in a better way; the IOBAC way.


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