Roofing Professionals talking to professionals

The Institute of Roofing (IoR) has recently appointed a new Chief Executive, Stuart Hicks.

Here Stuart talks about The Institute’s plans for the year ahead, explaining the importance of effective communication in the run-up to a number of DCE’s Roofing Update events in 2020.

This year marks the 40th anniversary for the IoR and it has ambitious plans for the future - one main focus being learning by making access to CPD easier for everyone across the roofing sector.

Throughout 2020, the IoR will be attending several of DCE’s Roofing Update events across the UK - offering its members a chance to sign up to CPD days but also provide a networking opportunity for other professionals in the roofing industry to speak with like-minded individuals. This, ultimately, will be a way forward to ensure more effective communications across the entire chain to help continue to raise the knowledge of our members and contribute to the development of our UK roofing industry as a whole.

The IoR operates in 11 strategic regions throughout the UK, and each region has a range of activities and events throughout the year - which includes this new schedule of DCE events. The full list of dates of these events can be found on the IoR website.


Despite the Institute existing for the last four decades, one focus for the IoR now is to remind professionals what the IoR is, what it can do for them, and aim high for the future.

The fundamental aim of the IoR is to encourage and support continual learning, development and training for those in supervisor, management and ownership roles within the roofing industry

The Institute offers individual members a clear, structured path towards management careers in roofing by achieving industry recognised professional qualifications. This is done by building on existing knowledge, offering industry- specific courses and CPDs. This then provides professional status as an Associate member of the IoR, or higher-level status of the Institute of Roofing.

The IoR is diverse and fully inclusive with members from every area of the roofing industry; from distribution, manufacturing, training, contracting, surveying and consultancy as well as other essential support services. Which is why the Roofing Update events will be a perfect opportunity for professionals to talk to other professionals. Whether you’re an apprentice, someone new to the industry, still in training, or an established manager or business owner, there are enormous benefits to not just joining the IoR, but also speaking and networking with its members and the wider specifier and roofing community.


The IoR has some very clear goals for 2020 - a strategy to boost membership, increase awareness of the Institute and its benefits, and cement the IoR’s position as a leading professional authority by working closely with other roofing trade associations and construction industry bodies.

The regional offering is being developed further, which is why the IoR is attending the eight Roofing Update events across the UK in 2020. Our regional offering is a key element in our drive for success as an institute as this is where our members are based and where we are best able to engage with them.


In addition, a new Associate Course has been launched and its first intake has already started this year. The course is designed for those considering


For a full list of the Roofing Update events the IoR is attending in 2020, visit or

TEL: 020 7448 3858 43


a professional career in roofing, particularly with an eye to moving into or occupying a supervisory or management role. The newly revised Associate course has been updated and moved to a dedicated online learning platform.

This entirely new and innovative course delivery is designed to offer professionals the opportunity to learn effectively with minimum disruption to working patterns. Group sessions, which are classroom based, will be complemented by directed self-study, using pre-prepared online learning tools. The course is delivered over a five-week period and is split between one day per week in the classroom and web-based course content.

More information about our Associate Courses will be available during the Roofing Update events this year.


Looking ahead, a long-term goal is to ensure the IoR gains Chartered status, and I truly believe that we will make great strides towards achieving that in the next ten years. Everything we do as an organisation from this point forward, needs to be in-line with an focus on that goal. Being Chartered will allow us to address the main issues we face and allocate the available resources we have in the most time and cost-effective way possible to ensure we strengthen the Institute and provide a sustainable long-term future.

We can help achieve this by working with other training providers, federations and sector associations, and by creating a pathway to professional qualifications to help and encourage participants to achieve their highest level.

We need to enhance the professional standing of our members and ensure that not only do they have pride in the letters after their name, but that those letters are recognised by the wider construction industry as a mark of professional status in the same way as architects or surveyors - creating an opportunity and a reason for retaining and raising the standing and influence of our membership and attracting the next generation of roofing professionals.

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