the wildfire in Walsh, we helped them with fence posts,” Hudson says of the broad nature of Co-op’s support. “We’ll send an entire team out to help you rebuild after disaster, if that’s what you need. Whatever we can do to help you, we will do.”

Co-ops are meant to adjust to the needs of the community. There doesn’t have to be a direct agricultural tie for the Co-op to step in and do what is necessary. A Co-op in northern Alberta purchased a funeral home just to make sure the community had one. South Country Co-op owns a pair of tire shops in Vauxhall and Lomond simply because there was a need.

Products sold in stores are varied as well. While national

chain grocers offer the same products across the country, Co-ops are community-focused which allows them to carry products that cater specifically to members and guests who frequent that site.

“What we carry from site to site is quite different

in return. That’s just one way that we’re different from other retailers.

We support our communities, we support local — that’s just what we do.

based on the community,” explains South Country Co-op’s CEO Paul Haynes. “We carry products from over 50 local vendors, because when we support local, we get support

“Our biggest differentiator is our customer service. We want guests to leave our stores and sites happy, we want to make a difference in their lives. Our Team leaders take South Country’s

values to heart and the commitment to superior customer service is embedded in their lives and way of thinking. We want our members

and guests to feel the passion and positivity from our Team.”

When you’re a member of the Co-op, you get that sense of ownership, you get that sense of community, and you get to know that with every dollar you spend, you’re giving back to your neighbours, your family, your friends and yourself. Co-operation is a way of life in southern Alberta, and at South Country Co-op, “You’re at home here.”

Hudson succinctly sums up what it means when members and guests frequent a Co-op: “I think what is so key about Co- op is that when people make the choice to shop here you are literally choosing to support your community. That’s an incredible feeling.”

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Residential, Commercial & Offi ce Renovations

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Ph: 403.527.7688 Fax: 403.527.7220

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