Bygones of Bedfordshire

Haynes Vintage Working and

Stotfold Mill Steam Rallies 2019

Vintage Working Rally (21st-22nd Sep). “The first rally took place in 1974 before moving here in the early 1980’s”, says Chairman of the Ouse Valley Vintage Tractor Club and organiser Edward Garner. “This rally has definitely been busier due to the big Old Warden steam fair at Shuttleworth sadly not running this year.” Looking around the show ground there is something for everyone, from vintage tractors to traction engines and a fairground for children. “It is so important to keep the younger generation in the club”, says Edward. “I am probably the youngest chairman ever of a vintage tractor club and I’m very relaxed in my approach to organising this rally, as long as you’re safe and respect the landowners wishes, you can pretty much do what you want.”


overs of everything old, mechanical and agricultural flocked to St Judes Farm in Haynes (by kind permission of the Simms family) for their annual

Edward is the proud owner of six Massey vintage tractors and over 40 Ferguson implements. “My favourite model is the Massey Ferguson 135”, says Edward. “I will never forget the day we moved to Haynes, I was only ten years old and I saw my neighbour, John King fertilising with a Massey 135 coming over the hill. I was totally hooked, and from that day I would spend a lot of my time with John until his sad passing when he kindly gifted me his Massey 135 and bailer.”

Looking around the various rows of vintage tractors, I ask Edward if anything has caught his eye. “People come to these rallies and try and pick fault in the exhibits”, sighs Edward. “I always say whatever the turnout or condition of the machine, you must remember it is always somebody’s pride and joy, if they have painted a tractor bright pink and it’s meant to be Massey blue, what does it matter.”

Edward Garner

The Ouse Valley Vintage Tractor Club meets every month during the winter at Wilstead Bowls Club. “We are a sub group of the National Engine and Vintage Tractor Club and through them we get help with the insurance to run rallies like this and any additional ploughing matches”, explains Edward. “Our club holds different talks each month and there’s various social events throughout the year including barbecues and our popular Christmas party.”

8 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2019 call 01295 404077 to advertise or email

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